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NotGawpI don’t know what to do anymore, as far as my blessed Democratic Party is concerned. It seems that the more we – out here on the “Left Fringe” – argue that we should, as a party, fight for basic human rights, marriage equality, women’s rights, to improve education, single payer health care, anon, anon; the more we find ourselves wrestling with our own party than with the GOP.


The habit of passive messaging is falling on still deaf ears this year just like the others, and the GOP lite strategy that has failed for decades is still in full operation – some more. So, instead of stumping for a Party that would be delighted to get rid of all these pesky Democrats, I’m going to stump for you, your friends, your family, and your neighbors to Vote Not GOP* this year. It’s that simple. Now – here’s the exciting part: we’re having a contest.  I want you, you fabulous American, you, to put together a 30 second message or a powerful graphic, about why people should vote for anyone but a Republican this year. The categories for this contest are Audio, Video, or Art. We will pick a winner in each of the three categories and those three winners will get prizes!


  • We’ll have you on The LEFT Show to tell us about your piece.
  • You get a fancy, new The LEFT Show T-Shirt!
  • Well use your message, attributed to you, on all of our messaging, social media and paid Facebook ads.
  • You’ll bask in the glow of your awesomeness and patriotic fervor.
Entries are due 11:59pm on July 5th, 2014Look for more details on The LEFT Show website next week, or write to theleftshow [at] defenmedia [dot] com for more information.



#124 – The LEFT Show – Plantains and Parasols


#124 The LEFT Show Almost 125

Better attitude this week, folks. Really.

Forrest and J.M. Bell are joined in the studio by popular area political candidate Celina Milner and popular area DJ Ray Mondo Peterson! Wow! Talk about a pair of “gets,” eh? What a delightful panel today.

Here, folks, are your links!

Kirk Cameron criticizes Stephen Hawking
Cleaning up the News on the #GOPwow
Honestly, You Guys, ‘Not Raping’ Is Actually Really Easy
Morning Joe Host Blasts GOP For Putting ‘Rapists’ Rights Over Parents’ Rights’ In Gun Debate
Native Victim’s Assistance Program Director
So, what DOES the bible say about marriage?
Comedian Jonathan Winters dies at age 87
You’re All F’K’N Nuts … 
Everybody Should Get Regular Mental Health Checkups
Pentagon Pushes For More Out-Of-Pocket Fees For Veterans
Military and the Wars on Drugs
Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen
The Closing Hymn – Ryan Bingham, Mescalito

#123 – The LEFT Show – Inevitable Betrayal


#123 The LEFT Show – JOANIE!

Shit. I have no idea what the hell you people want from me here. I mean, really. Twice a week, every week, I drop down the serious wit all over this website, and you people – what do you do? Nada. Barely a comment, never bouncing back the pith. Oh, sure, you’ll shit all over the Facebook (thanks, btw), but here? What the hell? I even changed the comments thingy to Facebook to get you little shits engaged. Still, you lazy bastards ignore it. Damn it … I miss Jake, that bastard.

Lesse – JM Bell, Forrest, JC Carter and Ultimate Bob are all in the room, and Jason has a whole new Bat Sh@t Crazy about how the GOPpers are saying we just need to give trickle down ANOTHER 30 years, especially Reagan’s old gang.

All this and more, folks!

Here’s your totally unappreciated links, you bastards:

Disney’s ‘Black Hole’ Remake Lands Writer
The Keystone XL Pipeline and its politics, explained
Kentuky also hates the Constitution

Smart America is Bad for GOP Jesus
North Carolina poops on the Constitution
Disney Finally Kills LucasArts, Misplaced Nostalgia
The GOP WAR On Women Continues
Utah Style – Sen. Scott Jenkins
The Article Every Liberal Needs To Show a Conservative
Pet on Pet Rape
Final Thoughts: The Day That TV News Died

#122 – The LEFT Show – PROTEST!


#122 The LEFT Show Dinky Doink

Hand to Heaven, we were planning on taking the whole bit about Monsanto VERY seriously, and devoting a whole bunch of time to it. Seriously. There’s six months to fix it, so, if you’re mad about it (and we are) it’s not too late. Then … um … there were important protests all over Europe. Important. So, it ate some of that time.

Jake was AWOL, so, Ultimate Bob filled in with JC, Forrest, and Jeff to thrill you once again with tales of Daring Do!

Here, folks, are the show links for today’s show!

Europe is better than America again
Monsanto Madness! 
How the Monsanto Protection Act snuck into law
Monsanto Protection Act – Snopes
RELATED – Louis Slaughter delightful irony
‘Arrested Development’ On Netflix, Order Increased To 15 Episodes
Jousting, medieval games come to life at West Jordan stables
Senator Wide Stance also makes other bad deciscions
Plucky Scots Give Trump A Thumping
South Carolina Republicans Belittle Elizabeth Colbert Busch
The LEFT Show

Very Best of The LEFT Show – Dusty, But Not Dangerous

Couple of things on this antique show – one, I say “Corn-o-graphic,” JC Carter does a horrible David Tennant impression, Jake won’t talk into his microphone, but still stands up for corporate America. This is a funny little episode, and makes me nostalgic for the days when we thought asking for donations with some amount of optimism. Now, though, we know better and have the Annoy-a-Thon. Greedy Bastards.

This has one of the old fashioned intros that I used to spend WAY too much time on (again, I’m thinking about low donation levels. This was still WAY before Dabakis showed up and told everyone that AM Radio was the future of progressive politics. AM Radio – and all the “grown up progressives” jumped right on board that one) and a vintage Bat Sh@t Crazy from Jason Williams.

The Very, Very Best of TLS



Jake and JC join me in studio … with Forrest both producing AND bestowing upon us new microphones. So, now, if we sound terrible – it’s all own fault.I apologize in advance – I’m not as punchy this week. My little 6 year old is going in for surgery and my head is over there with that and not here making smart-assed remarks at full energy. Priorities, eh? The show is pretty fantastic, though – give it a listen!

We covered a lot of ground this week, including flat out begging for several things from several different people – it’s sad, but we want to get out in the world – meet folk, get along! Iowa … you slutty little darlin’ – Betty vs. Veronica – Health Care is for Commies, I think, and so much more – Join us for a spell, won’t you?

70th Anniversary of Archie Comic at Night Flight Comics – CLICK HERE



Dear DCCC,

I just got a letter from Rep. Jim Matheson telling me all about how he’s pledged to build a pipeline from CANADA all the way through the United States of America to the Gulf of Mexico, where it can then be shipped all over the world, but not to America. Just through it.This right after Chevron leaked all over Utah AGAIN. So, maybe, ya’ll should stop asking me for money if that’s the way you’re going to spend it.

Kiss my ass, I can’t believe you helped kill the 50 state strategy,

J.M. Bell

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