#123 – The LEFT Show – Inevitable Betrayal


#123 The LEFT Show – JOANIE!

Shit. I have no idea what the hell you people want from me here. I mean, really. Twice a week, every week, I drop down the serious wit all over this website, and you people – what do you do? Nada. Barely a comment, never bouncing back the pith. Oh, sure, you’ll shit all over the Facebook (thanks, btw), but here? What the hell? I even changed the comments thingy to Facebook to get you little shits engaged. Still, you lazy bastards ignore it. Damn it … I miss Jake, that bastard.

Lesse – JM Bell, Forrest, JC Carter and Ultimate Bob are all in the room, and Jason has a whole new Bat Sh@t Crazy about how the GOPpers are saying we just need to give trickle down ANOTHER 30 years, especially Reagan’s old gang.

All this and more, folks!

Here’s your totally unappreciated links, you bastards:

Disney’s ‘Black Hole’ Remake Lands Writer
The Keystone XL Pipeline and its politics, explained
Kentuky also hates the Constitution

Smart America is Bad for GOP Jesus
North Carolina poops on the Constitution
Disney Finally Kills LucasArts, Misplaced Nostalgia
The GOP WAR On Women Continues
Utah Style – Sen. Scott Jenkins
The Article Every Liberal Needs To Show a Conservative
Pet on Pet Rape
Final Thoughts: The Day That TV News Died

#122 – The LEFT Show – PROTEST!


#122 The LEFT Show Dinky Doink

Hand to Heaven, we were planning on taking the whole bit about Monsanto VERY seriously, and devoting a whole bunch of time to it. Seriously. There’s six months to fix it, so, if you’re mad about it (and we are) it’s not too late. Then … um … there were important protests all over Europe. Important. So, it ate some of that time.

Jake was AWOL, so, Ultimate Bob filled in with JC, Forrest, and Jeff to thrill you once again with tales of Daring Do!

Here, folks, are the show links for today’s show!

Europe is better than America again
Monsanto Madness! 
How the Monsanto Protection Act snuck into law
Monsanto Protection Act – Snopes
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‘Arrested Development’ On Netflix, Order Increased To 15 Episodes
Jousting, medieval games come to life at West Jordan stables
Senator Wide Stance also makes other bad deciscions
Plucky Scots Give Trump A Thumping
South Carolina Republicans Belittle Elizabeth Colbert Busch

#112 – The LEFT Show – Black Celebration

Jamie Winters from Bald Guy Design joins Sgt. Jake, Forrest, and JM Bell in the studio to fight about stuff!

Sarah Palin had something new to see this week, and a whole bunch of smarter women had a dance party to protest Sens. Mile Lee and Orrin Hatch! Mark Shurtleff covered his ass on Swallow, UT Senator Daniel Thatcher covered Swallow’s ass on the hill, and Jason Chaffetz continues the Reagan War on American Intelligence.

Secret Drone Bases aren’t really all that secret. We talk about the State of the Union, The state of Ted Nugent, Pelosi’s statements on Neugent, and Mark Rubio in super extreme slow motion. HA!

Oh, and, Jamie calls us all a stack of chicken shit sheeple in the tank for Obama. We set him straight and let him know that we are dedicated ONLY to keeping Joe Biden in public office.

All this and more!

#112 The LEFT Show

Holy Shit, It's The LEFT Show

Saint Michael
06/12/1996 – 02/17/2012

Closing Hymn – Rudie Can’t Fail – Clash


It’s My 2nd Amendment, Too

I just sent this to one of my favorite Legislators here in Utah:

It started out a joke, but, the more I ponder on it, the more pissy I get. How come the GOPpers have all these “weapons” bills all over the place, and no one is advocating for my right to wear my broadsword in public? Well, one of several, I guess. I can’t even wear my dirk as part of my formal Scottish attire outside of a festival. Which one of the GOPpers do you think I should talk to about MY 2nd Amendment rights?


The LEFT Show!

#110 – The LEFT Show – The Moist Fury

COLIN SMITH ladies and gentlemen! The dapper gentleman sits down with the entire The LEFT Show crew; Jake, JC, Forrest, and Jeff break down all the news that’s fit to bitch about, and we all say nice things about Peter Corroon, Ben McAdams, and Ross Romero. :)

Glove and Boots has a new video! The rains in Brazil are certainly different, MicroSoft pulls a Chaffetz, Obama’s re-election may be killing Fox News, and Chris Christie gets the weepies, and, when Chris Christie weeps, it sounds a lot like yelling. Oh, and GUNS!

The Senate! Bernie Sanders brings the Epic, Sen. Harry Reid told a lie! (kinda, not really), The GOP’s War on Women continues, with Utah taking center stage, and there’s a dress that just never changes color for some reason.

Jason Williams actually has a Bat Sh@t Crazy this week! I don’t even know what the hell it’s about, I just threw it in there before I woke up and found out it was all a dream! (It’s actually about Utah Governor Herbert being a chucklehead about health care, I just feel like busting Jason’s chops). All this and more!

#110 The LEFT Show Podcast

Holy Shit it's The LEFT Show

Closing Hymn – Nico Vega – Beast

The LEFT Show 102

#102 – The LEFT Show – Chilly Little Trauma Queens

Well … Sgt. Jake, Forrest and Jeff talk – and talk, and talk, and talk.

Oh, John Swallow … you know, we tried to tell Utah about you in October (and, really, pretty much every time we’ve mentioned your name), but did they listen? Nope. 65% of them didn’t. Because they’re dumb, that’s why.

The GOP War on Women never takes a day off. The “debate” about gun control gets silly and spills into the studio, but, there’s a compound full of wackadoodles that let us laugh it off.

All this and no Jason Williams again …

#102 – The LEFT Show Pod-Tasti-Cast


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