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133 The LEFT Show – Row Your Boats

Melissa Merlot joined Jeff, Jon, and Forrest in the studio again – I think she’s sweet on us, and, really, who the hell would blame her? We’re adorable! Or something. Shit, maybe she felt like she couldn’t leave? Prison mentality? I dunno. Look, this one is VERY funny, and very, very …um … naughty. We’ve got an all new GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week, the Ghomert of the minute, Jason Williams is back with an all new Bat Sh@t Crazy – breaking down the Utah GOP and their wacky weekend of weird! That and so much more!


133 The LEFT Show – No Thrills Peep Show

So, ENJOY! Here’s your links.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s remake of Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ headed to Fox in 2014  http://bit.ly/189dtIM
Minnesota approves same-sex marriage bill  http://bit.ly/189dVHc
Local Fun! 
Shurtleff, Swallow lived it up on my dime, says convicted fraudster  http://bit.ly/189dM6D
Additional investigation targets Utah AG  http://bit.ly/189dJrw
Fucking Republicans! 
Working Families Flexibility Act Passes House Over Opposition Of Democrats, Labor  http://huff.to/189dV9Y
Fox’s Andrea Tantaros On Plan B: “Is The Obama Daughter, Malia, Going To Go On Birth Control?” http://bit.ly/189e1yl
Oh, the South! 
Louisiana State Senate: We <3 Creationism  http://slate.me/189e5OQ
North Carolina May Ban Tesla Sales To Prevent “Unfair Competition” http://slate.me/189edxK
Ghomert of the Week! 
Holder Smacks Down Clueless Gohmert Over Boston Bombings  http://bit.ly/189e6Cp
GOP Jesus of The Week! 
Candidate #1 - 
Florida Candidate Touts A Divine Endorsement From Jesus Christ  http://bit.ly/189e7X0
Candidate #2 - 
Forgive Your Cheating Husband Because “Well, He’s a Man”  http://bit.ly/189edO8

#121 – The LEFT Show – Box of Pastries


#121 The LEFT Show How Many Make A CPAC?

This is it, my little beauties! The last show before we, The LEFT Show family, go on “Vacation.” Vacation, sadly, in The LEFT Show world means lots and lots of work to do, getting current shows re-invigorated, a couple of new shows off the ground, and, if we can find just TWO folks to buy in at the CITIZENS RE-UNITED LEVEL, we can get the call in feature up and running. LIVE CALLS!

Lisa, Brenda, and Forrest join your faithful starship captain, J.M. Bell in another round of talking about the talk aboutable! This one is a Wednesday show that, honestly, redefines the definition of the Wednesday Show. Not kidding, either. Funny doesn’t cover it.

Jason is back with a new Bat Sh@t Crazy all about those pesky racists at CPAC.

This week’s linkage!

70 year old twin prostitutes from Amsterdam are retiring  http://bit.ly/ZAJ818
Coulter Attacks Bill Clinton and Sandra Fluke at CPAC: Calls Clinton ‘Forcible Rapist’ http://bit.ly/ZALDAj
Sarah Palin Drinks Big Gulp During CPAC Speech: ‘Shoot, It’s Just Pop!’ http://bit.ly/131ExuM
Mitt Romney is now the Andy Dick of the Republican Party  http://politi.co/131FwLB
CPAC – Slavery Gave ‘Food And Shelter’ To Blacks - http://bit.ly/131FKCq
Trump a right-leaning tower at CPAC - http://bit.ly/131FPpN
5 Crazy Things We Learned At CPAC - http://bit.ly/131FEuF
Ten reasons why Ronald Reagan would be persona non grata at CPAC 2013  http://bit.ly/131FC63
Normal Shit … well …. 
My SEcond Favorite - http://nyti.ms/131GpUp
My SCIENCE FAVORITE –  Higgs boson - http://bit.ly/131Gyak
WTF? Ted Cruz Slams Medicare Cuts In Paul Ryan’s Budget - http://bit.ly/131GszH
Lightning Round
Rand Paul, Ted Poe Seek Census Religion Law That Already Exists - http://huff.to/131FVxx
After Sandy Hook, NRA Told Gun Makers LaPierre Would Handle It - http://bit.ly/131FZNH
Man kills self in front of children at Bellevue gun-safety class - http://bit.ly/131GGXo
Hannity Is ‘So Upset That the Economy Is Rebounding’ http://bit.ly/131GirP
Woman On Hannity Gets Hate-Tweet: ‘I Hope You Get Raped And Your Throat Slit’ http://bit.ly/131GNlK

#119 – The LEFT Show – Outrage Fatigue


 #119 The LEFT Show Give It Up

It’s a special The US Senate episode of The LEFT Show. JC Carter 616, Ultimate Bob, Forrest Shaw 616, and J.M. Bell 616, get together to talk about the Rand Paul Fake Filibuster, the fake filibusters to come, more fake things, and, of course, the simple fact the the GOPpers just don’t understand about poor people.

Who the hell am I boycotting this week? Joss Whedon gets taken to task for reasons unknown, the lie of The American Dream, and our new, and ongoing, List of Things Obama Has Actually Done OK. Listen in, folks!

LISTENER MAIL – BSC - http://bit.ly/13NLCym
Senators Introduce Legislation To Close Loophole Allowing For Large-Scale Cruelty To Puppies http://bit.ly/13NK5IA
Rand Paul’s Paranoid Rant They Called a Filibuster http://bit.ly/13NKbjt
Senators expect more ‘talking filibusters’ after Rand Paul marathon http://bit.ly/13NKafq
It Turns Out Rand Paul’s Filibuster Was a Pre-Planned Scam for Cash - http://bit.ly/YREJUW
4 Things Politicians Will Never Understand About Poor People - http://bit.ly/13NLpLp


Request Your Wallet Sized Boycott Guide! http://bit.ly/13NLjU0
Joss Whedon’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’ Slut-Shaming, And Hero And Claudio’s Story http://bit.ly/13NLtL8
Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth - http://nyti.ms/13NLvTv
Updated And Expanded List Of 212 Obama Accomplishments, With Citations! http://bit.ly/13NLHlH

#117 – The LEFT Show – Return of the Boz


#117 The LEFT Show is a Wildcat in the Sack!

I’m trying to write this while watching the end of The Warrior’s Way, so … if it gets disjointed, sue me. Curtis Haring is back, with Bob Easton covering for Jake. JM Bell and Forrest, of course, are here. Damn this is a fun movie to watch. Silly as hell, but, so very pretty.

Michelle Bachmann is out of touch, tuna isn’t tuna, Soledad is in trouble with the stenographers pool, and Rachael Maddow is in out hearts and in our minds. Colin Powell’s old chief of staff lays it all out on Iraq, video games are great for kids (kinda), and not too many folks want to be a GOPper.

The VFX community in America is getting screwed and JM totally flubs their pitch, SEQUESTER! SEQUESTER! SEQUESTER! ObamaCare is not what you’re being told it is, and the Utah Legislature takes away the power of someone who was working for, you know, the people.

All this and Jason finally showed up again, what’s that all about? Racism in the Supreme Court, that’s what!

Duh-na-na-na-na-na-naNAH-na-na-na-na-nana LEFT SHOW!

#104 – The LEFT Show – Percocet Begins

Weeeeee! I started the day with a nasty migraine, took half a percocet, and, for those that have listened to this show for awhile, you know that things get goofy when I get … under the influence. Weeeee!

First of all, have you gone over to The City Weekly to vote for The LEFT Show yet? Hmmm?

Remember, in OCTOBER, when The LEFT Show broke the latest chapter of the Skulduggerous Adventures of Johnny Swallow? We’ll be talking about that some more, among SO MANY other, interesting stuff!


And then there’s THIS! 


We talk about SPACE and SCIENCE – because we’re not Republicans! The President takes his forth oath of office today (think it through, it’ll come to you) and Utah is about to pressured by the Feds to “make changes” – but, no one’s really all that loud about it … yup, not guns.

Speaking of guns, crazy about guns, and morons with guns, we also have letters from morons about guns, and a little more gun stuff. Oh, then I lose my shit and start yelling at Sgt. Jake … for REASONS! Guns and slavery, too! The LEFT is dumb on guns, too!

We read the 23 Executive Orders that President Obama signed that don’t restrict your 2nd Amendment Rights, not one little bit, you reactionary, purposefully ignorant, knee jerk, chuckleheads. LISTEN AND LEARN!

Start your two day countdown to a brand new Bat Sh@t Crazy with Jason Williams, folks!

#104 – The LEFT Show – Percocet Begins

Happy ... um ... Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Holy Shit it's The LEFT Show

#103 – The LEFT Show – GOPwow

Another more casual The LEFT Show with Jeff, Jake, and Forrest today, but, with all the silliness you expect from a Wednesday program.

This episode we react to learning that we won’t be getting a USS Death Star, and, speaking of round things, Gov. Chris Christie is more popular with Dems than GOPpers. The Platinum Coin, and the totally dipshit reaction from Fox News. GOP hypocrisy on Storm Pork, service members and DADT, and the GOP lies about the budget.

Jason is back with a new Bat Sh@t Crazy about  the Hobby Lobby people who are still opposing birth control coverage.

All this and more!

#103 The LEFT Show Podcast

The LEFT Show #103

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