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The LEFT Show 102

#102 – The LEFT Show – Chilly Little Trauma Queens

Well … Sgt. Jake, Forrest and Jeff talk – and talk, and talk, and talk.

Oh, John Swallow … you know, we tried to tell Utah about you in October (and, really, pretty much every time we’ve mentioned your name), but did they listen? Nope. 65% of them didn’t. Because they’re dumb, that’s why.

The GOP War on Women never takes a day off. The “debate” about gun control gets silly and spills into the studio, but, there’s a compound full of wackadoodles that let us laugh it off.

All this and no Jason Williams again …

#102 – The LEFT Show Pod-Tasti-Cast



#86 – The LEFT Show – Muahahaha!

Bill Frost joins JM Bell, Forrest Shaw and Sgt. Jake in studio for another spectacular episode.

The lovely and talented Tina Fey has a temper tantrum that we approve of, and we break down more of Jason Chaffetz’s  insane, deceptive, and misleading talk on Libya. And more Chaffetz and Issa silliness with dropping secrets on television in the Grand Old Tradition of the GOP. Oh, and some more Chaffetz duplicity on cutting the Embassy security budget, then whining about there not being enough security, then saying that there’s no correlation between the two. Idiot.

The whole GOP Navy SEALs meme thing is mostly utter bullsh*t, but that doesn’t stop the GOP talking about it, and there’s some fun Halloween stuff. I think. I can’t remember.


All this and more!

#86 The LEFT Show BOOO!


#79 – The LEFT Show – Happy Henry Sinclair Day

Happy Henry Sinclair Day! We at The LEFT Show celebrate NO genocidal maniacs, Spanish or otherwise. JC Carter, Forrest and JM Bell welcome special guest Robert Easton to the Defenestrate Media Studio, to comment on the news of the week, and give pithy, smarty pants quips to the room.

First on the agenda, JM Bell, gets all the famous attention with Mark Crockett and his law firm coming on the attack, because Mark Crockett is a silly, silly man who thinks not about the future and The Utah Democrats are charged with racism, but, it’s just a reporter being a total bonehead.

The GOP War on Women mascot, Rep. Todd Akin LOVES legislated misogyny, by the way.

ROMNEY WATCH 2012 - We break down our reaction to the first Presidential Debate, and report of the Romney Campaign admitting that Romney will lie, about everything, to win, and the GOP conspiracies on polling and unemployment.

Voter Suppression Much? The truth and the court’s reaction.

Plan some time on Thursday, Jason Williams has a Bat Sh@t Cray Extravaganza you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!

All this and more ….

#79 – The LEFT Show Podcast


#69 – The LEFT Show – Labor Day Kerfuffle

Jake, JC, Forrest and J.M. Bell join forces for a Labor Day spectacular – of sorts. We set aside the misogyny of last week’s episode to focus on the after action report of the RNC Convention. First, FOX News may lead to murder, but, from time to time, something honest squeezes through. The GOP delegates don’t like Puerto Ricans OR Ron Paul but they do like to pretend that the build stuff, which, lets face it, they haven’t done in years. Built stuff, that is.

The Paul Ryan Parade of Lies gets a lot of notice and “Journalists” make up lots and lots of words and phrases to surrogate for the word “LIE” – and there was much yelling and bellowing from your humble host (a tantrum of epic proportions).

Then, at last, the room explodes into yelling as we try to wish the world a Happy Labor Day. BOOM! POW! SOCK-O! ZOWIE!

All this and more …

#69 The LEFT Show Podcast


#67 – The LEFT Show – The No Rape Cabin

Oh, my heck. Jon, Forrest and JM Bell are in the studio and it’s like the world is on fire and we’re the firemen … you know, after the comic book talk. Soledad O’Brian is back with another BRAVE ACT OF JOURNALISM! The President of The United States finally answers questions about his religion the way he should have years ago. Eric Holder needs to go, twice and Mia Love joins the long, long line of Republicans hanging out with that alleged serial rapist. Oh, and Romney had some coffee, kinda.

All this and more …

#67 The LEFT Show Podcastacular


#65 – The LEFT Show – Tellin’ me no, no, no!

Friend of the show Brian Faulkner dropped in to the studio to join Jake, Forrest and Jeff in saying farewell to Labor Leader and Utah Democratic Party Chair Jim Judd.

We take apart the GOP Congress and the failure to address the simple fact that more than 50% of the counties in America – 50% of the counties in the USA – are now labeled disaster areas because of the drought. Oh, and, Speaker Boehner came around to the view that Climate Change is caused by man as he blamed the drought on President Obama. The drought.

Rumors are floating around that the Koch Brothers bought the Paul Ryan nomination for 100 million dollars to the GOP independent expenditure. Rumors. Soledad O’Brian WAFFLE STOMPS the boneheaded and unprepared. Wow. Oh, and, Rick Santorum thinks “ya’ll” is a racially charged word. Or something.

Former Presidents W. Bush and Clinton were in Utah this week, but Jason Williams was not, so no Bat Sh@t Crazy this week.

#65 The LEFT Show Podcast

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