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Writer, wonk, political strategist, musician, and political consultant.

Host of The LEFT Show
Award winning writer of
Former Democratic National Committee Communications Director for Utah.
Creative Director for Defenestrate Media Group
Award winning host of the late Left of the Dial.
City Weekly Best Of Utah - 2010, 2012

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247 The LEFT Show – Bang Bang


Taylor is still out of town, and Melissa had more important things to do, so, we got a surprise, special guest! Sgt. Jake returns to the show, to site and quietly judge the room. JM Bell, Forrest Shaw, and Ultimate Bob Easton are all in the room to cover the shitty news from the week you thought you’d left behind.

147 The LEFT Show 


William Shatner shoots down Ted Cruz’s “Kirk was a Republican” theory
Guess Which City Has The Most Members On Adultery Dating Website Ashley Madison
AUTO PLAYS – Donald Trump escalates war with Lindsey Graham
The Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj Twitter feud, explained
So Republicans Want Us To Believe They Care About Attacking Veterans?
John Kerry, who knows something about having his war record attacked, savages Donald Trump
Jeb Bush Sent Thank-You Note To Swift Boat Vets For John Kerry Smear
 Donald Trump Made ‘Veterans For Trump’
Donald Trump Loses Fight With Scots Over Wind Farm
Bill That Lets Bosses Fire Single Women For Getting Pregnant Gains Steam
‘Sitting ducks': Heavily armed man vows to defend Logan military recruitment centers
Military Recruiters Not Thrilled With Militia ‘Protecting’ Them, By Accidentally Shooting Stuff
Civilian ‘Guarding’ Army Center Nearly Kills Bystander With ‘Accidental’ Gunshot
NASA just discovered ‘Earth 2.0′
Earth’s Possible Twin Spotted by Our Planet-Hunting Spacecraft
Jurassic World Turned into a Gay Thai Porn
American Idol-Style Auditions For Top Gear Co-Hosts
Hank Aaron gets a new ton of racist hatemail, proving his point
Massive changes at MSNBC, 3 shows cancelled and Chuck Todd to return
Chris Brown, Barred From Leaving Philippines, Looks for Answers
Wyoming Man Found with 30 Eyeballs in His Anal Cavity
Jobless Claims Fall To Lowest Level Since 1973
Way More Americans Die From Gun Violence Than Terrorism
Despite Threats, President Obama Makes A Case For Gay Rights In Kenya

246 The LEFT Show – HISTORY!


JM Bell, Forrest Shaw, JC Carter, and Melissa Merlot gather to talk about Chattanooga, race, guns, the military, and American mental health. NASA, Pluto, Amy Shumer, and a giant stack of dumb Republicans. It’s a classic of its type!

246 The LEFT Show



Ann Coulter: “I Will Sue Every Website Or Comentator That Suggests I’m Transgender”
AUTO PLAY – Chattanooga Shooting: Four Marines One Seaman Dead in Shooting at Military Offices
AUTO PLAY – Alleged Chattanooga Shooter’s Family Says He Suffered From Depression
AUTO PLAY – Governors Authorize National Guard to be Armed After Chattanooga Attack
Fox Runs With Bogus ISIS Link To Chattanooga Shooting
Media And Law Enforcement Quickly Call Tenn. Shooter A ‘Terrorist’ — But Dylann Roof Wasn’t?
New Zealand’s Top Newspaper: Conservatives Are ‘The Greatest Threat To America’
Mitch McConnell Wants The Elderly And Disabled To Pay For Highway Repairs
Weak Dictator Obama Fails To Seize Texas On First Day Of Jade Helm
US military exercise sparks fears of martial law
Jade Helm 15 watchdog writes off liberals as ‘useless': ‘I can’t wait to kill thousands of these f*cks’
NASA Releases Stunning Color Images of Pluto and Charon
Amy Schumer Took Katie Couric’s Phone, Texted Her Husband “Anal Tonight”
Obama Will Go on The Daily Show Before Jon Stewart Leaves
After 25-year hiatus, comic strip ‘Bloom County’ returns … to Facebook
Amy Schumer Is the Funniest Woman in the Galaxy
Lucasfilm Issues Statement Regarding Controversial GQ Photos
Mark Hamill Weighs in on Amy Schumer’s GQ ‘Star Wars’ Photos
First New X-Files Footage Airs
MGM and Sinclair Group To Launch 24/7 Sci-Fi Network
Missouri County will lower flag for one-year to mourn the same-sex marriage ruling
Rural Missouri county won’t lower courthouse flag after all
Did Your US Senator Just Vote To Allow LGBT Students To Be Bullied?
Alaska Governor Ignores GOP-Led Legislature And Expands Medicaid Without Them
NY Times Public Editor Calls Godawful Serena Williams’ Article A “Missed Opportunity”
J.K. Rowling shuts down Serena Williams hater in one perfect tweet


245 The LEFT Show – Nearly Historic

Join JM Bell as he welcomes Melissa Merlot, Forrest Shaw, and not Taylor Hunsaker who got a flat tire, and kept the timeline intact by not appearing on a show at the same time as Melissa. SO CLOSE!

This one has yelling and stuff!

245 The LEFT Show


Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s Time to Panic
Russia claims to have super weapon that disables western satellites and long range arms
Teddy Bear Vagina Cake Ruins Christening
Man arrested for jacking off horse and himself at the same time
Browser history: Obstruction of justice? Wiping Internet tracks is Obstruction
AUTO PLAYS Queer Women Dominated The Women’s World Cup. Here’s Why It Matters
AUTO PLAYS New York City Celebrates Women’s World Cup Winners With Parade of Champions
Fox Scores $40 Million in Ad Revenue for Women’s World Cup With U.S. Win
FIFA will pay U.S. women’s soccer champions a quarter of what it pays losing men’s teams
World Cup champions celebrate win, but question inequality
Why I’m Done Defending Women’s Sports
BONUS: WTFF? Tennis’s Top Women Balance Body Image With Ambition
We’re Only a Pluto Day Away From Pluto
How Did We Get to Pluto So Fast?
New Solo ‘Batman’ Film Rumored To Be In Works With Affleck to Direct
Rockne O’Bannon Officially Confirms FARSCAPE Movie
Rick Grimes Is Scarier Than Any Zombie in the New Walking Dead Trailer
Steve Goldstein leaves Saga to start new podcast network
‘Persecuted’ Anti-Gay Bakers Forced To Pay $135,000 After Doxxing Lesbian Couple
Rand Paul Finds $25K In ‘Wasteful Liberal Arts Spending’…In $3.9 Trillion Budget
Jeb Bush Criticizes Obama For Using ‘Big Syllable Words’
Ted Cruz Will Save Jew Churches From The Homosexuals
Marco Rubio’s Economic Plan Calls For Students To Sell Themselves To Private Investors
Jeb Bush: “People Need to Work Longer Hours.” Media Soften It.
Rush Limbaugh Sinks To New Low – Goes After Gay Child From Viral Photo (VIDEO)

… it may in fact be too late.

KOURIC: “You’re refusing to use superPAC’s, as I mentioned, your average campaign donor is paying an average of 42 dollars per donor. You want to raise 50 million dollars but with all due respect senator, how do you compete when senator Clinton is saying “we’re going to raise two billion dollars.”


SANDERS: “Katie, that is an excellent question. We are just going to do the best we can. What you are really saying is, as I hear it, is “can any candidate who is not tied in with the billionaires, who is trying to represent working families, who is trying to deal with the tough issues facing our country, can they run for office anymore? And if what you are saying is true, and it may well be true, frankly let me be honest with you, it may in fact be too late. The billionaire might be too powerful. And maybe the only candidates who win get money from the billionaires. And if that’s the case, you can form your judgement, but it doesn’t sound, to me, like the democracy that men and women fought and died to defend.”


Some god Stuff

Longer story: a memory sparked from reading: Religious Trauma Syndrome: How some organized religion leads to mental health problems

ZenJeffWhen I was about 10 years old, and my disbelief was starting to grow, I had a clever little moment of clarity. I was repeatedly being set aside for “special attention” due to my irreverent attitudes (asking questions) and behaviors (I was uber-ADD). On this specific day, I went through Sunday school and got the “God helps those who help themselves*” bit, then had to go to the Bishop for a lecture at asking inappropriate questions in church (“How is God of Love when he keeps killing babies and little kids every time he gets his feelings hurt? [Isaiah 13:15-18] ).

The Bishop sat me down and began a long and laborious lecture about God’s love for me, His disappointment at my asking questions, and being too excitable, and how powerful prayer would be in fixing everything that was “wrong with me” – thus began the moment; the Genesis of that day’s clarity, if you will.

“Wrong with me?”

“Yes,” quoth the Bishop. “There is a lot wrong with you, and, if you pray, your Heavenly Father will fix you.”

“He’ll fix me?” I was a little confused.

“Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to be happy. If you pray hard enough, He’ll fix you.”

“Because I’m broken?”

“You’re not broken, but, you need to change so that you’ll be happy.”

“I’m already happy.”

“No, you’re not,” quoth the Bishop.

“And praying hard will make me happy?” I asked.

Setting aside the shitty system that lets uneducated, ignorant simple folk** lead the footsteps of a somewhat large group of people (or, as I came to call them, thinking myself erroneously unique and clever, ‘Sheeple’), here was a person, an adult, in a position of intimidating authority, telling a 10 year old that he was, in the eyes of an all powerful god (who, let’s remember, murders children in bulk [2 Kings 2:23-25] for dumb ass reasons) that the child was a thorn in the Almighty’s slipper.

It’s flat out abusive.

I was taken to my knees, and assumed the prayer position (don’t fret – it was just religious abuse, not butt stuff), and listened for around 10 endless minutes as the Bishop begged God to fix me; to make me behave; to make me stop asking questions about doctrine and scripture; to smother the flames of my enthusiasm***; to be, in my mind’s definition, Jeffrey, and not Jeff.

Jeffrey is boring as hell. He’s dull, ignorant, cookie cutter, and numb.

Jeff is hyper (well, was … I’m 42, fat, and slow now – these days, it’s just ADHD in slow motion), looks for deeper meaning, picks fights with bullies, makes mistakes, learns from failure … you get the picture.

So, there I am, listening to this fatuous gas bag entreat an imaginary Vengeance, on my behalf, to make me “better,” and to fix my aliments by smothering my intellect with ignorance and surrender. It was about a minute before I got angry, and another until I got cold, and one more to start fantasizing about dishing out a little vengeance of my own… and my brain locked into a simple, poetic, and blissful mantra:

“Fuck you.”****

I was mad, it was locked away, and there it sat, for decades … and I am so thankful for that day. No shit, this was a wonderful, glorious moment that formed the base of what I am, who I am, and what I do. It pushed me on the path the led to a very long walk to find the content of my character, as it were.

That path lead through – hell, still leads through – shit choices, painful consequences, confused decision making, flawed actions … and bliss. Total, unequivocal bliss at being free from the oppression of a self imposed homogenization – I am Name Brand ME – not the generic, mass produced stacked up meat-suits who waddle in lockstep with the protagonist of a 1600 year old collection of plagiarized mythology.

Yeah, there was a 10 year old in that room that was very hurt, and very angry; but the benefit to my years of anger-as-an-ointment life to follow is, to me, truly glorious (no matter how dented, scarred, and broken). I am the ME that I invented as I went along, not the ‘me’ manufactured by people who find fault in the pursuit of happiness.

I hate myself most of the time, yes – but I earned it, and I’m proud of it.




* Which, when you think about it, is a total scam. God is taking credit for your work, and chances are you’re passively (maybe even enthusiastically) letting “Him” do it. Think about it.

** There are exceptions. One of the smartest, kindest men I’ve ever met was a Mormon Bishop at the time.

*** That’s not me trying to find a fancy turn of phrase, he actually said that. Yes, 10 year old kids can eye roll.

**** Well, maybe “Screw You,” I was only 10 years old.



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