The LEFT Show Catch-Up
We closed out 2013 in good spirits, and 2014 has been pretty good so far. As you can see by the logo, we added a couple of new voices to the crew: Robert Easton from the Around the Globe Theatre Company and the Award Winning Author and Comedian Melissa Merlot.

We’re gearing up to start our 2014 election coverage schedule in late July – twice a week, folks! – and we’re expanding our segments as well. News about Science, Entertainment, The Reader’s Club, The Ghomert Gobsmack, The Dominant Sub Culture, and so much more! We're sneaking up on our Historic 200th Episode, so, keep watching for the announcement of our 200th Episode Celebration! 

Remember to listen in every Monday for the best – the absolute best – in Progressive programming.! 
Hold 322: The Burden of Greatest-ness!
The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast!
JC Carter, Ultimate Bob, and J.M. Bell have been making the most out of being a part of the World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast: from live remotes at the one and only The Nerd Store to panel discussions at the Salt Lake Comic Con FanX this spring. We even added a new member to the League: The Mighty Thom Floyd –from Canada! That’s a foreign nation, ladies and gentlemen. He even speaks French and has a killer poutine recipe.

There have been some great guests since we last wrote, including the gang from The Salt City Strangers, Bad Ass Jason Wessel, all the way to fancy actor guy, JayC Stoddard. We’re getting ready for the Salt Lake Comic Con in September, and we’re coming up on our 125th episode! Holy Buckets, World’s Greatest fits better and better! 

Hold 322: The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast drops on Tuesdays. 
NEW SHOW: Tell Me A Story
Have you listened to the new show yet? Word is: it's pretty good. More than anything else we've done, this little show gets a lot of comments, tweets, and emails. It's a simple concept really, just two easy formats. 

Tell Me a Story is simple. Jeff calls someone; they pick a theme and tell their story. Jeff then has to share a story of his own using the guest’s theme. Or, if no one answers the phone when we call, Jeff has break out his book of embarrassing fiction and read a really old, probably bad story that he wrote years ago. What Fun! Listen in most Thursdays for this weird, and amusing little show. 
divider.gifMelissa Merlot DOES STUFF!
Our very own Award Winning Melissa Merlot is a professional comic, and, as an Award Winning Professional Comic, she is all over the place doing both award winning, and professional comic things, see? (Can you tell we're very proud to have her on the team). 

First, and most often, Melissa is the host of The Dating Apocalypse every Friday morning 8am-10am on

Next, she has a big show coming up in June: Saturday June 21st at 8pm at Club DJs - for only $5 little dollars! 

3849 W 5400 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84129 - (801) 964-8575

Next, again: Did you know that Melissa has a book? It's a poetry book called Firewalk - available on AMAZON - CLICK HERE

Keep up with the rest of her insane schedule at:

This November - Vote Not GOP!* Contest
Vote Not Gawp
* say it Gawp. 
I don’t know what to do anymore, as far as my blessed Democratic Party is concerned. It seems that the more we – out here on the “Left Fringe” – argue that we should, as a party, fight for basic human rights, marriage equality, women’s rights, to improve education, single payer health care, anon, anon; the more we find ourselves wrestling with our own party than with the GOP. 

The habit of passive messaging is falling on still deaf ears this year just like the others, and the GOP lite strategy that has failed for decades is still in full operation – some more. So, instead of stumping for a Party that would be delighted to get rid of all these pesky Democrats, I’m going to stump for you, your friends, your family, and your neighbors to Vote Not GOP* this year. 

It’s that simple.

Now – here’s the exciting part: we’re having a contest. 

I want you, you fabulous American, you, to put together a 30 second message or a powerful graphic, about why people should vote for anyone but a Republican this year. The categories for this contest are Audio, Video, or Art. 
We will pick a winner in each of the three categories and those three winners will get prizes! 
  • We’ll have you on The LEFT Show to tell us about your piece.
  • You get a fancy, new The LEFT Show T-Shirt! 
  • Well use your message, attributed to you, on all of our messaging, social media and paid Facebook ads. 
  • You’ll bask in the glow of your awesomeness and patriotic fervor. 
Entries are due 11:59pm on July 5th, 2014

Look for more details on The LEFT Show website, or write to theleftshow [at] defenmedia [dot] com for more information. 

Did you know you can call the shows? Seriously, give us a call, and we'll put you on the air ... you know, if you don't suck! 

(801) 382-7469 - (801) 382-SHOW

Don't forget to read the details for the Vote Not GOP! Contest at the bottom of this email. It's going to be awesome!
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