It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast

274 The LEFT Show – Heavy Lifting

Entertaining week on The LEFT Show this time around. JM Bell and JC Carter welcomed Brenda Bell and Felicia Entwistle to the studio. This one is full of laughing at the bad stuff,  laughing at the good stuff, and generally laughing at everything else. We even get a... read more

273 The LEFT Show – Sock Puppets

JC Carter, Melissa Merlot, and JM Bell are in the studio this week, covering all the bits and pieces of news that make your head spin. The Republican clown car, The Oregon Bundy Clown Cavalcade, the benevolence of Canada, and the Return of the Gilmore Girls …... read more

272 The LEFT Show – The happiness I seek

Oh, I got a treat this episode! Melissa Merlot! Taylor Hunsaker! Deb Henry! All with me in the studio! It’s a grand and comical breakdown of the news from the week you’d thought you’d left behind! Jason Williams has a new The Sidetrack all about... read more

[fixed] 271 The LEFT Show – Manstruation Redux

Felicia Entwistle wanders back into the studio this week to explain feminism to JM Bell and JC Carter. Melissa Merlot already knew all the answers. From Bowie and Rickman, to Cruz, Trump, and the GOP War on Women! Jason Williams has a special MLK Bat Sh@t Crazy, too!... read more

270 The LEFT Show – Out Of Sync

I apologize, folks. Something felt a little off in this episode, and it turns out – it was me! Between seeing Taylor after so long an absence, Forrest being out, Xopher Reed being a special guest … I was off. Thankfully Bob was here to help. Taylor won the... read more

Joshua Spencer’s Great Big Heart

Joshua Spencer began feeling an irregular heart beat in 2015.  His heartbeat felt like a hiccup in his chest, or several hiccups in quick succession.  He describes it as the “heart skipping a beat” part of being startled without the gasp, fright, or jump.... read more

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