What is Your Country Doing?

304 American Therapy

Deb Henry returns to the temporary studio, bringing Jocelyn Christensen to round out a triad of chat. The show is great, the After Chat is great – it’s all great! Forget about Negan and join J.M. Bell for another week of the best podcast he recorded today!... read more

303 The Unending Burden

This week has Deb Henry in the temporary studio. You know Deb, she’s been everywhere, and most recently, joined the Coalition of 57. Deb is a long time pal, and friend of the show, and if you’re lucky, she’ll be back again. #303 The LEFT Show Monday... read more

302 Guys Like Us

Jeff and Tom got together again, but, this time, they didn’t spend the whole show crying about how much it sucks to be old and looking for work. Only 10 or so minutes. Honest. A lot of talk about Trump, Clinton, old and new folks playing politics, and, of... read more

301 First Monday In October

The first of many changes between now and the 2016 General Election finds JC Carter and Alex Cragun join JM Bell in a basement somewhere to start trying out some new format changes. Honestly, it’s mostly Trump, NASA, famous people, and cheeses.... read more


How do you plan for a 300th Episode? Easy – you wait and see who says they’re coming, and you set up a chair and a microphone for them. This historic episode we finally got Taylor back, Melissa showed up, and JC didn’t leave after the show before... read more

A Sound Investment – for .99 cents!

Bob Defendi wrote a fantastic book, Death by Cliche, and it’s on Sale for .99 cents on Thursday and Friday, September 8-9, 2016! Buy a copy today, and prove how much you love a bargain! It’s all American! Need more info? LISTEN TO THIS! ... read more

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