It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast

290 TLS – T-10

NEW NEW NEW! I’ve got Jackie, Felicia, and Hannah in the studio this week! It’s awesome! Seriously, it felt like old times with new people. Join us, won’t you? #290 The LEFT Show The LINKS! Britain... read more

289a TLS – Flash (BACK) Dance

It’s father’s day. Suck it up, buttercup. Anyway, this best of is from 4 years ago this week! YAY! Social Experiments! 289 The LEFT Show A fantastic – and crowded – episode of The LEFT Show! Jake,... read more

289 TLS – Florida Man

First – my apologies for posting absolutely nothing last week. The day got away from me, and by the time I caught up … I haven’t yet caught up. This week, we have a fluid cast of friends in the studio. Taylor Hunsaker, Bob Kubichek, Jackie Morgan,... read more

288 TLS – Six Reasons

There are fewer more entertaining things than having new folks in the studio. This week, Tiffany Doncouse makes her debut with JC Carter, Felicia Entwistle, and hosted by your best friend, JM Bell! This is a good one! #288 The LEFT Show! ... read more

287 TLS – The Ironic Guest

No one showed up today, but, that didn’t stop JM Bell from going on a long, long stack of rants. Between the Bernies and the Hillaries, it’s a wonder he doesn’t spend all day screaming. aasdf #287 The... read more

286 TLS – GOP Does Potty

It’s Monday in America™, welcome to The LEFT Show! One thousand apologies for going off grid last week. It was Mother’s Day, and I was out in the yard running irrigation and fixing sprinklers. It’s all OG in the studio this week with just JM Bell, Forrest... read more

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