It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast

#294 – The Coffeecast Pt.1

I got on the phone with my old friend Tom Cheevers to record a dual podcast, while we talk about the Democratic National Convention. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds. #294 The LEFT Show... read more

#293 – T-Minus 7 [updated]

This week on The LEFT Show, Jeff welcomes Jackie Morgan to the studio, and celebrates the triumphant return of Melissa Merlot, absent merlot* these many, many months. This week, the gang gets you ready for the GOP Convention in Cleveland, Ohio! You can small the tour... read more

292 – 4 Years Ago …

Yup, it’s another Best Of – this time, from our birthday 4 years ago. #292 The LEFT Show From THAT Show HEY HEY HEY, It’s America’s Birthday! No BS, I LOVE Independence Day … I do kind of... read more

#291 Happy Birthday TLS (and USA)

It’s old (folks) home on The LEFT Show this week, while we celebrate not only the birth of the hot mess called America, but the birth of The LEFT Show itself (which pretty much owes its existence on being in America)! 3 of the 4 original crew – Jake, JC,... read more

290 TLS – T-10

NEW NEW NEW! I’ve got Jackie, Felicia, and Hannah in the studio this week! It’s awesome! Seriously, it felt like old times with new people. Join us, won’t you? #290 The LEFT Show The LINKS! Britain... read more

289a TLS – Flash (BACK) Dance

It’s father’s day. Suck it up, buttercup. Anyway, this best of is from 4 years ago this week! YAY! Social Experiments! 289 The LEFT Show A fantastic – and crowded – episode of The LEFT Show! Jake,... read more

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