It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast

264 The LEFT Show – Best Of Again

We don’t record AFTER the holidays, so, I have an old throwback for you. It’s been awhile since we heard this one – the first time the kids from The LEFT Show went outside. From Archie’s 70th Birthday, on location at Night Flight Comics –... read more

263 The LEFT Show – Anger and Ouch

An intimate evening with The LEFT Show today – Melissa called in hungover, and Forrest was trying astral projection on the third plane of Cthulhu’s rumpus room. Bill Frost, from City Weekly’s True TV, X96, Twitter, and the TV Tan Podcast joins JM... read more

262 The LEFT Show – Gathering Gloom

A festive delight of a crowd populates this episode of The LEFT Show! Taylor is back after a long absence, JC and Forrest are both in the room, and Chris Holifield from I Am Salt Lake Podcast joins us for a dive into the deep end of the news of the week you thought... read more

261 The LEFT Show – Atheist > LDS

A delightful treat this week as Jeff and Forrest are joined by Felicia Entwistle, President of the Atheists of Utah, and panelist on the Utah Outcasts podcast. With so many high value targets in the news this week, it was hard to find what we wanted to stuff into two... read more

260 The LEFT Show – Lucifarian Pokemon

Melissa Merlot is back! JM Bell, Forrest Shaw, and JC Carter welcome her back with a slate full of goofy news. A couple of quick follow-ups and then we plunge into the reason Paul Ryan decided to be the Speaker, a resurrection of the GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week! Bill... read more

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