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012 – Roast – The Devil’s Details

Throughout American history, one group of people has been abused and mistreated, non-stop, with no relief. This week on JM & Tom ROAST Everything, we tackle a tiny, tiny bite of the injustices done to the Native Americans. Then we spend some time learning important things that we “knew”, but didn’t know. 

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333 – Tales of Rage and Woe

It’s Monday in America™, and it’s time for The LEFT Show! This week, J.M. & JC accidentally record a show! From DINO sexism to the Department of education; From Mark Hamill to Kevin Smith!

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011 – Ridgway vs. LaPierre

This week on JM & Tom Roast Everything – Tom walks us through the devolution of the American hunter, and the NRA, while Jeff walks us from important women of the American Revolution, the first African American graduate of West Point, to the economic equality of the Vietnam War. 

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010 – Matters Of Faith

This week on JM & Tom Roast Everything! Jeff breaks down the links from the genocide of Native Americans to the leftover policies on the 2nd Bush administration. Tom takes us through a conversation with a New Trump Republican. It’s all the way round the frustration bush this week. 

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332 – In Service of Others

It’s Monday in America™, and Jeff is alone in the studio! The Paris Accords, Trump Nation, the dangers of Trans-Fats, Wonder Woman, and NASA. It’s specific, targeted, and all over the place.

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331 – Does Anyone Hear It?

It’s Monday in America™ and The LEFT Show is broadcasting! This week, a special event! JM Bell welcomes JC Carter and THE FORREST SHAW into the studio!

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330 – Play by Teleplay

It’s Monday in America™ and The LEFT Show is broadcasting! This week, JM Bell welcomes Bill Frost and Tommy Milagro from the TV Tan Podcast and to cover the news of the week!

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009 – Good Dead vs. Bad Dead

This week on JM & Tom Roast Everything, Roger Ailes is dead, and Chris Connell has died. There’s a huge difference. Jeff breaks down Betsy DeVos’s move to totally jack up your interest rates on student loans, and cancel loan forgiveness programs. It’s a cluster-fuck of epic proportions.

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329 – Do You Smell Toast?

This week on The LEFT Show, It’s a Mother’s Day Extravaganza! By that, I mean we have a new ShoutOut! A new The Sidetrack with Jason Williams on how Irrational voters “fall” for candidates like a love affair, and Democrats need to stop trying to “win” them over, and a re-broadcast of the latest JM & Tom Roast Everything! It’s awesome!

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008 – Lopped It Off At The Wrist

This week on JM & Tom Roast Everything! Jeff starts at the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, and ends with the destruction of us all, while Tom revisits a prophet from election years gone by, to see how badly Democrats flubbed the play.

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328 – There Is No Right

There are few things as criminally insane as the United States House of Representatives, but, it’s Monday in America™ and The LEFT Show is broadcasting even if Jeff is all, all alone. This week, he’s taking apart Trump/Ryan Care, Gerrymandering, and Free Comic Book Day.

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The Written Rants

Day #10 – Gross Incompetence

White Supremacist Steve Bannon is now running the show at The National Security Council. He’ll be joined by alleged great-grandson of Joseph Goebbels, Reince Priebus (yeah, that asshole).

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