I need work. Lots and lots of work, and very quickly.

I seem to have run out of stuff to sell.

I used to have a nice collection of things that I not only took joy in owning, but that I was planning to pass along to my kiddos at what will most certainly be my untimely demise. Not so much anymore.

We’re all in this together, and I know that there is nothing unique or special about financial difficulties right now. I think, more than anything, I’m just surprised at how fast I burned off my “long term” investments having one emergency after another over the last few months. My kids needed help, and I over-extended myself “banking” on getting paid for a couple of freelance jobs where the clients seem to have been translated to the great beyond when it was time to pay.

The last couple of months have been insane both financially and emotionally and I find that I am underwater, upside down, in the hole … pretty basically screwed. Let me be clear: I’m working. I have two jobs right now. I’m not bricking, I’ve just been outpaced by my outgoing, like everyone else. So, I started selling stuff to make the end closer together.


I seem to have run out of stuff to sell, except my time and talents.

I am not asking for loans, donations, or handouts.* I am perfectly capable of getting myself to a food bank, and, let’s face it, some starvation days will be good for me. Medically speaking? Legally speaking? … those lead us here:

I am on sale. Flash sale! No … that’s not for sale.

30+ years of experience in PR, Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Event Planning, Design, Non-Profit Messaging, Campaigning, etc., all for you at fire sale prices. Little down, small price tag,

Everything is on fire right now, and much like Little House on the Prairie: Season 2, Episode 1 – The Richest Man in Walnut Grove – I am more than motivated to work my way out of this mess.

So – need anything done? Do you know anyone who does? Let me know? I’d appreciate it. Hell, I need it – jeff [at] defenmedia [dot] com.

Sorry this one wasn’t entertaining. I have a couple bouncing around my head that I’ll send out in a few days to make up for.

* On the other hand, I’m not too proud.

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