The LEFT Show’s FAT CAMP 2014


Starting July 22, 2014  - It’s time to get into fighting shape for the general election. Join members of The LEFT Show as we publicly shed the pounds to prove just how serious we are at this whole politics thing (and improving our chances to spin off to television, all truth being told).



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188 The LEFT Show – Two 2 One

We’re getting closer to two big events for The LEFT Show family – Our birthday, and out 200th episode. We’ve decided to make the big effort for the 200th show, and to have a hopefully close knit gathering next week. I hope.

This week has JC, Bob, Forrest, and JM Bell in the studio to cover the events of the day, here at The LEFT Show, and Jason has a new The Sidetrack – please, take a few minutes and join us, won’t you?

188 The LEFT Show


The LEFT Show Links

BREAKING! Police seek 3 suspects after shots fired into drive-through window
First Citation X-Plus delivered as aircraft earns FAA type certification
Watch NASA Test Its Rocket-Powered “Flying Saucer” Live On io9!
Australian solar plant has generated “supercritical” steam


No Free Sun for You! Why Arizona Wants to ‘Tax’ Solar Power
Cost/Benefit ALEC style, or for the people?

185 The LEFT Show – Sexy Kill

We’re in the studio this week, getting ever closer to #200 and our 3rd anniversary! Melissa, Forrest, Bob, and JM Bell are in the studio today covering all the gooey-bits from the new of last week!

185 The LEFT Show Podcast



Wake And Bake With The Cannabis Coffee Called ‘Legal’
FEMEN Protesters Frenched Up

Goddamn It – Might As Well

Why The Five Taliban Detainees Had To Be Released Soon, No Matter What
FBI Investigates Threats Against Bergdahl Family
Repuli-Tea Party on their disgraceful treatment of #Bergdahl
500 + Detainees Were Released from GITMO Under Bush
Former Bush Official Blasts GOP On Bergdahl: Bush Would Have Done The Same Thing
Oliver North Worried That Bergdahl Swap May Have Financed Terrorists.

Awful GOPpers

GOP candidate goes to jail one day after losing in primary election
5 craziest laws passed by GOP legislators — just this month

Bad Guy With A Gun

Hero’s quick thinking likely saved lives at SPU
One Good Man with Pepper Spray in Seattle
Heavily armed sovereign citizen wounds deputy in doomed GA courthouse



#12 Tell Me A Story – The Long Longing Chapter Two

Life is continuing to kick my ass. So: as requested, and then promised on The LEFT Show, I have again pulled an old story of mine out of its dusty drawer to read for you folks. This is the second chapter of a novella called The Long Longing that I wrote in 1997. It’s a bit pedantic, yes, but, so was I. Regardless, I still love the voice in this story, no matter how much the anger and bitterness that, in 1997, I was only imagining at, and now … well, talk about being careful what you internalize.

#12 Tell Me A Story



Sexual Assault – WH PSA

Watch Daniel Craig, Benicio Del Toro, & Steve Carell In This White House Sexual Assault PSA


#9 Tell Me A Story IX – “Selling Out”

Ix is an old friend, one of my oldest. He’s an artist, a designer, a world renowned owner of an adorable nose, and no idea, whatsoever, when a lady is hitting on him. Ix and I talked, in a deep and intelligent manner, about growing up, growing old, and selling out when it’s time to sell your soul to feed your family.

#9 Tell Me A Story – What The Hell?


Ix’s Website

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