KOURIC: “You’re refusing to use superPAC’s, as I mentioned, your average campaign donor is paying an average of 42 dollars per donor. You want to raise 50 million dollars but with all due respect senator, how do you compete when senator Clinton is saying “we’re going to raise two billion dollars.”


SANDERS: “Katie, that is an excellent question. We are just going to do the best we can. What you are really saying is, as I hear it, is “can any candidate who is not tied in with the billionaires, who is trying to represent working families, who is trying to deal with the tough issues facing our country, can they run for office anymore? And if what you are saying is true, and it may well be true, frankly let me be honest with you, it may in fact be too late. The billionaire might be too powerful. And maybe the only candidates who win get money from the billionaires. And if that’s the case, you can form your judgement, but it doesn’t sound, to me, like the democracy that men and women fought and died to defend.”