#117 The LEFT Show is a Wildcat in the Sack!

I’m trying to write this while watching the end of The Warrior’s Way, so … if it gets disjointed, sue me. Curtis Haring is back, with Bob Easton covering for Jake. JM Bell and Forrest, of course, are here. Damn this is a fun movie to watch. Silly as hell, but, so very pretty.

Michelle Bachmann is out of touch, tuna isn’t tuna, Soledad is in trouble with the stenographers pool, and Rachael Maddow is in out hearts and in our minds. Colin Powell’s old chief of staff lays it all out on Iraq, video games are great for kids (kinda), and not too many folks want to be a GOPper.

The VFX community in America is getting screwed and JM totally flubs their pitch, SEQUESTER! SEQUESTER! SEQUESTER! ObamaCare is not what you’re being told it is, and the Utah Legislature takes away the power of someone who was working for, you know, the people.

All this and Jason finally showed up again, what’s that all about? Racism in the Supreme Court, that’s what!