#121 The LEFT Show How Many Make A CPAC?

This is it, my little beauties! The last show before we, The LEFT Show family, go on “Vacation.” Vacation, sadly, in The LEFT Show world means lots and lots of work to do, getting current shows re-invigorated, a couple of new shows off the ground, and, if we can find just TWO folks to buy in at the CITIZENS RE-UNITED LEVEL, we can get the call in feature up and running. LIVE CALLS!

Lisa, Brenda, and Forrest join your faithful starship captain, J.M. Bell in another round of talking about the talk aboutable! This one is a Wednesday show that, honestly, redefines the definition of the Wednesday Show. Not kidding, either. Funny doesn’t cover it.

Jason is back with a new Bat Sh@t Crazy all about those pesky racists at CPAC.

This week’s linkage!

70 year old twin prostitutes from Amsterdam are retiring  http://bit.ly/ZAJ818
Coulter Attacks Bill Clinton and Sandra Fluke at CPAC: Calls Clinton ‘Forcible Rapist’ http://bit.ly/ZALDAj
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Mitt Romney is now the Andy Dick of the Republican Party  http://politi.co/131FwLB
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5 Crazy Things We Learned At CPAC – http://bit.ly/131FEuF
Ten reasons why Ronald Reagan would be persona non grata at CPAC 2013  http://bit.ly/131FC63
Normal Shit … well …. 
My SEcond Favorite – http://nyti.ms/131GpUp
My SCIENCE FAVORITE –  Higgs boson – http://bit.ly/131Gyak
WTF? Ted Cruz Slams Medicare Cuts In Paul Ryan’s Budget – http://bit.ly/131GszH
Lightning Round
Rand Paul, Ted Poe Seek Census Religion Law That Already Exists – http://huff.to/131FVxx
After Sandy Hook, NRA Told Gun Makers LaPierre Would Handle It – http://bit.ly/131FZNH
Man kills self in front of children at Bellevue gun-safety class – http://bit.ly/131GGXo
Hannity Is ‘So Upset That the Economy Is Rebounding’ http://bit.ly/131GirP
Woman On Hannity Gets Hate-Tweet: ‘I Hope You Get Raped And Your Throat Slit’ http://bit.ly/131GNlK