Wrong Thursday? Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Seriously?


Wrong Thursday? Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Seriously? What is all this hubbub about? Well, it’s about worker and slave labor exploitation, and, as lefties, we know THAT IT IS WRONG without having to be told or have it slowly explained in small, simple words! Why waste the time and effort (and burning all those irreplaceable and poisonous fossil fuels) running around enriching the Waltons or Pacific Rim Sweat Shop Tyrants when you could annoy a Republican instead?


The Affordable Care Act? Government Shutdowns? The GOP War on Women? Hate? Bigotry? Attacks on LGBT Americans? Every time a group of family or friends find occasion to gather, someone is there who bugs the sanity out of everyone else – most often, it would seem, are the GOPper lawmakers themselves. Birthers, Tea-Party-ists, Santorumites, wpping-sad-sack-Romney-bots, bigots, Log Cabinistas, and just plain old Party Line Marching GOPpers of Unusual Peskiness – Someone ia always there to add a bit of wing-nuttery to your life.

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The guys at The LEFT Show would like to help you keep the balance this Holiday season – and all through the year. It works like this: You give a little, we annoy someone for you. You give a bit more, we annoy them a bit more. You give a lot, we annoy a lot, send you gifts, and have Jason read some naughty romance novel pages at you! We’ll let the GOPper of your choice know that a donation was made, in their name, to the most Militant Lefty Show in the world in nearly any way you can imagine. Imagine the frustrated faces! You know they have it coming, so, why not give it to them?

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Thanks again for listening, folks! Happiest of Holidays from your pals at The LEFT Show!

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It’s like this. I, JM Bell- your Epic Host of The LEFT Show and the taller co-sub-host of Hold 322 – you know, the guy who runs the studio and produces the shows – went to visit my father, with my two daughters in tow. On the way back home, with plenty of time to make it, the car broke down. A blown head gasket, it turns out, is a big deal, and it’s not possible to fix either quickly, or inexpensively. Thus – no The LEFT Show or Hold 322 shows this week.

Sorry ’bout that.

J.M. Bell



130 The LEFT Show – LIVE FCBD 2013



Your pals from Hold 322 and The LEFT Show were at Free Comic Book Day this year at Night Flight Comics in Salt Lake City.*Mimi and the gang were all on hand to welcome the hordes of panting fanboys and girls who seem to like standing in line. I guess it’s how you train to go to a Con? Who knows.

My deepest apologies to you, the listener, for how weird this episode sounds. We were all over the place, really, having fun and goofing off. My biggest apology goes to Donna Weinholtz. I’ve been trying to get Donna on the show for months, and when we finally get her – we do this to her. She was a great sport, really, and a lot of fun. Lisa Westbrook dropped by for howdy, so, we threw her on the microphone. All in all, it was a fun day. If you want more of this hot mess, hit Hold 322 tomorrow to hear the even better stuff. www.hold322.com.

Here’s your links!

If Needed – Hold 322 Links for Free Comic Book Day
Anne Frank’s Diary Too ‘Pornographic’ For 7th-Grade Students, Claims Michigan Parent http://huff.to/11Zdo74
CBLDF Signs On To Protect Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl  http://bit.ly/136VIIW
Wolverine is Gonna Die – rumor
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Will NOT Be Aliens http://bit.ly/136VXnq
10 actors that could be Dr. Strange http://bit.ly/136W2ri
If Needed – The LEFT Show Links for Free Comic Book Day
Can We Always Believe What The Media Chooses To Show Us? http://bit.ly/136VbXB
After Casting Key Fifth Vote For Bush, Justice O’Connor Now Regrets Bush v. Gore http://bit.ly/136VeCE
5 Dumb Ideas Conservatives Have to “Help” Poor Kids http://bit.ly/136VgKM
RICK PERRY CONTROVERSY: JACK OHMAN ‘stunned’ by gov’s response to his cartoon  http://wapo.st/136Vl18
Poll: 29% Think Armed Rebellion Might Soon Be Necessary http://bit.ly/136Vrpx
Arizona 3-year-old fatally shoots himself in face with meth grandma’s gun http://bit.ly/136Vwt9
Anne Frank’s Diary Too ‘Pornographic’ For 7th-Grade Students, Claims Michigan Parent http://huff.to/11Zdo74
CBLDF Signs On To Protect Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl  http://bit.ly/136VIIW
GOP Uses Picture Of Obama Consoling A Newtown Victim To Gloat About Obama’s ‘Defeats’
Louie Gohmert: Boston Bombings Happened Because Eric Holder Gay-Married To Islam  http://bit.ly/136Vqlx

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Ironman 3 Meet Ups and Free Comic Book Day May 4th 2013

Click Here for the Thursday Night IRONMAN 3 Meet-Up Details!

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And, then … SATURDAY!

Here’s some details in AUDIO Form! <– What’d he say?


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#60 – The LEFT Show – Empty Room’s Revenge

Big-ish, exciting-like episode of The LEFT Show for Wednesday. We’re still in the Big Empty Room with Eric from ABU, so, join Jeff,  JC and Forrest in Alliance for a Better Utah’s ALEC EXPOSED … rented location. PLUS! A return of The LEFT Show’s GOP Jesus, Wanker of the Week and Jason has an EPIC Bat Sh@t Crazy. Truly EPIC.

#60 – The LEFT Show – Big, Empty Room


Progress Now .ORG


Troy Hughes Sex Bomb

#48 – BEST OF The LEFT Show – I Know Romney

Jake and JM Bell brought Deep Voice Guy Troy Hughes to join me in the discussion of the wacky news of the week – a few weeks ago! This BEST OF Episode? It was full of the following tasty tidbits:

Do you know the difference between a Squid, an octopus and a starfish? Well, listen to this week’s episode, and special guest Troy Hughes explains … well, you still won’t know. Another week passes and Jeff forgets to tell his tale of the day he met 4 Mitt Romney’s at the 2002 Olympics.

Michelle Bachmann cuts the last thread holding her to reality. The California Supreme Court opens the season against folks in the LGBT community again. Newt Gingrich is a dirty, dirty old man. Republicans are now the best liars on the InterWebTubes … total GOP domination. Rick Perry is an idiot, some more …

Jason Has a Bat Sh@t Crazy – or something like that. 

All this and more!

#48 – The LEFT Show – I Know Romney

The LEFT Show - It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast



Bachmann Has No Clue – CLICK HERE
The California Supreme Court sucks – CLICK HERE
Newt is an asshole, again – CLICK HERE
Republican Liars POWN the Nets – CLICK HERE
Rick Perry is a total moron, totally – CLICK HERE

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