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Thursday JC Carter J.M. Bell Ultimate Bob Bob 616 Melissa Merlot Forrest
3:00 PM Creating a Compelling RPG Campaign
Room 255F
4:00 PM The Power of Podcasting in Geek Culture
Room 151D
5:00 PM What We Know and What We Think We Know about Episode VII
Room 250A
6:00 PM
7:00 PM Han Shot First: Character Defining Moments
Room 255E
8:00 PM Salt City Strangers
Room 151D
Don’t Go There: Forbidden Con Topics (18+ Only) Room 150G DC Comics: The Best & Worst of the New 52
Room 355D
Steampunk, Cyberpunk, and Punk Rock
Room 255F
 Don’t Go There: Forbidden Con Topics (18+ Only) Room 150G
12:00 PM Re- Imagining Super Heroes
Room 255B
Old vs. New: Science Fiction TV and Film
Room 255C
1:00 PM Build a Story
Room 255B
2:00 PM
3:00 PM
4:00 PM X- Men vs. Avengers: The Smackdown in Film and Comics
Room 251A
5:00 PM Muppets
Room 255B
6:00 PM Why People Need to Pay More Attention to Natalia Romanova a.k.a. Black Widow
Room 251A
Why People Need to Pay More Attention to Natalia Romanova a.k.a. Black Widow
Room 251A
7:00 PM Shakespeare and Fantasy
Room 255F
Pop- Culture in Stand- Up Comedy
Room 255E
8:00 PM  Why We Still Go Ape for Apes
Room 255E
12:00 PM Positive Psychology of Fandom and Geek Culture
Room 150D
1:00 PM Why LEGO is Taking Over the World
Room 255F
How to Win Writers and Illustrators of the Future Competition
Room 255B
2:00 PM  Skynet, HAL & GLaDOS: Why AI Always Turn Against Their Human Creators
Room 255C
3:00 PM
4:00 PM Hold 322 Podcast – Room 151D
5:00 PM 75 Years of Batman
Room 151G
6:00 PM Marvel Movies: Phase III
Room 355D
7:00 PM Movies vs. DC Movies – Round 2…Fight!
Room 255B
Masculinity in Comics
Room 150G
Dystopian Control Schemes: Discussions on Government, Freedom and Paranoia
Room 255F
8:00 PM Thirty- Five Years of 42: An Anniversary of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Room 151D
Thirty- Five Years of 42: An Anniversary of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Room 151D
Dark and Dangerous: The Appeal of the Bad Boy Hero
Room 255F

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The LEFT Show’s FAT CAMP 2014

Starting July 22, 2014  - It’s time to get into fighting shape for the general election. Join members of The LEFT Show as we publicly shed the pounds to prove just how serious we are at this whole politics thing (and improving our chances to spin off to television, all truth being told).



Details below the fold – CLICKY



Vote Not GOP! Contest

NotGawpI don’t know what to do anymore, as far as my blessed Democratic Party is concerned. It seems that the more we – out here on the “Left Fringe” – argue that we should, as a party, fight for basic human rights, marriage equality, women’s rights, to improve education, single payer health care, anon, anon; the more we find ourselves wrestling with our own party than with the GOP.


The habit of passive messaging is falling on still deaf ears this year just like the others, and the GOP lite strategy that has failed for decades is still in full operation – some more. So, instead of stumping for a Party that would be delighted to get rid of all these pesky Democrats, I’m going to stump for you, your friends, your family, and your neighbors to Vote Not GOP* this year. It’s that simple. Now – here’s the exciting part: we’re having a contest.  I want you, you fabulous American, you, to put together a 30 second message or a powerful graphic, about why people should vote for anyone but a Republican this year. The categories for this contest are Audio, Video, or Art. We will pick a winner in each of the three categories and those three winners will get prizes!


  • We’ll have you on The LEFT Show to tell us about your piece.
  • You get a fancy, new The LEFT Show T-Shirt!
  • Well use your message, attributed to you, on all of our messaging, social media and paid Facebook ads.
  • You’ll bask in the glow of your awesomeness and patriotic fervor.
Entries are due 11:59pm on July 5th, 2014Look for more details on The LEFT Show website next week, or write to theleftshow [at] defenmedia [dot] com for more information.



Issue #119 – Hold 322 – LIVE at FanX


Cross posted from Hold322

Normally JC does his hosty duty and posts the summary here. This week? Not so much. So, here I am, at the VERY last minute, trying to think of something to say … so … Good Morning! We went to the Salt Lake City ComicCon FanX last week and recorded a live show! JC Carter, JM Bell, and Ultimate Bob, were joied by Bob 616 and Thom surrogate, Forrest Shaw – LIVE! ON STAGE!





Wrong Thursday? Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Seriously?


Wrong Thursday? Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Seriously? What is all this hubbub about? Well, it’s about worker and slave labor exploitation, and, as lefties, we know THAT IT IS WRONG without having to be told or have it slowly explained in small, simple words! Why waste the time and effort (and burning all those irreplaceable and poisonous fossil fuels) running around enriching the Waltons or Pacific Rim Sweat Shop Tyrants when you could annoy a Republican instead?


The Affordable Care Act? Government Shutdowns? The GOP War on Women? Hate? Bigotry? Attacks on LGBT Americans? Every time a group of family or friends find occasion to gather, someone is there who bugs the sanity out of everyone else – most often, it would seem, are the GOPper lawmakers themselves. Birthers, Tea-Party-ists, Santorumites, wpping-sad-sack-Romney-bots, bigots, Log Cabinistas, and just plain old Party Line Marching GOPpers of Unusual Peskiness – Someone ia always there to add a bit of wing-nuttery to your life.

CLICK HERE to make all your HOLIDAY Wishes come true! Kinda

The guys at The LEFT Show would like to help you keep the balance this Holiday season – and all through the year. It works like this: You give a little, we annoy someone for you. You give a bit more, we annoy them a bit more. You give a lot, we annoy a lot, send you gifts, and have Jason read some naughty romance novel pages at you! We’ll let the GOPper of your choice know that a donation was made, in their name, to the most Militant Lefty Show in the world in nearly any way you can imagine. Imagine the frustrated faces! You know they have it coming, so, why not give it to them?

Click here for all the details!

Thanks again for listening, folks! Happiest of Holidays from your pals at The LEFT Show!

Visit our sponsor for GREAT HOLIDAY DEALS


Forward this message to a friend … you know it’s the proper thing to do.



It’s like this. I, JM Bell- your Epic Host of The LEFT Show and the taller co-sub-host of Hold 322 – you know, the guy who runs the studio and produces the shows – went to visit my father, with my two daughters in tow. On the way back home, with plenty of time to make it, the car broke down. A blown head gasket, it turns out, is a big deal, and it’s not possible to fix either quickly, or inexpensively. Thus – no The LEFT Show or Hold 322 shows this week.

Sorry ’bout that.

J.M. Bell


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