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I KNEW I loved this song!


Jamie Kilstein on Gay Marriage


131 The LEFT Show – A Little Nooner


131 The LEFT Show – Little Nooner

Oh, well, I tried folks. The difference between a “2” and a “3” on our old recording lap top google machine is the difference between a regular and a small The LEFT Show Episode. This is a short episode. It’s kinda like Bat Sh@t Crazy back when Jason was first doing those. Kind of a Beat Poetry Reading of Current events riffed from my mangled short term memory. Anyway – next week, back on our game – whatever that is.


Ironman 3 Meet Ups and Free Comic Book Day May 4th 2013

Click Here for the Thursday Night IRONMAN 3 Meet-Up Details!

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And, then … SATURDAY!

Here’s some details in AUDIO Form! <– What’d he say?


*Look, ma! I can make ugly comic themed events posters, too!


#123 – The LEFT Show – Inevitable Betrayal


#123 The LEFT Show – JOANIE!

Shit. I have no idea what the hell you people want from me here. I mean, really. Twice a week, every week, I drop down the serious wit all over this website, and you people – what do you do? Nada. Barely a comment, never bouncing back the pith. Oh, sure, you’ll shit all over the Facebook (thanks, btw), but here? What the hell? I even changed the comments thingy to Facebook to get you little shits engaged. Still, you lazy bastards ignore it. Damn it … I miss Jake, that bastard.

Lesse – JM Bell, Forrest, JC Carter and Ultimate Bob are all in the room, and Jason has a whole new Bat Sh@t Crazy about how the GOPpers are saying we just need to give trickle down ANOTHER 30 years, especially Reagan’s old gang.

All this and more, folks!

Here’s your totally unappreciated links, you bastards:

Disney’s ‘Black Hole’ Remake Lands Writer  http://bit.ly/10FotJu
The Keystone XL Pipeline and its politics, explained http://wapo.st/10Fn7OG
Kentuky also hates the Constitution http://usat.ly/10FmOUb

Smart America is Bad for GOP Jesus http://bit.ly/10Fm8Ov
North Carolina poops on the Constitution http://bit.ly/10FmwN8
Disney Finally Kills LucasArts, Misplaced Nostalgia http://bit.ly/10FoH35
The GOP WAR On Women Continues http://bit.ly/10FmRiO
Utah Style – Sen. Scott Jenkins http://bit.ly/10FnbOF
The Article Every Liberal Needs To Show a Conservative http://bit.ly/10Fn2e4
Pet on Pet Rape http://nym.ag/10FmcOq
Final Thoughts: The Day That TV News Died http://bit.ly/10Fnskw

#120 – The LEFT Show – Penultimate


#120 The LEFT Show 2nd To Last

Estrogenical Equality! Lisa Westbrook and Brenda Bell join Jeff and Forrest in the studio this week, (JC was here for, like, 10 minutes) and, boy, things get weird when there are ladies around, you know? They seem to, at any rate. Regardless, the 2013 Utah General Legislative Session is finished. There were a lot of different moves and shakes, and while too many people are calling it boring, there were a few things worth mentioning.

Here’s the breakdown:

Adoption bill killed on Gayle Ruzicka’s questionable premise http://bit.ly/ZAI7Gf
46 lawmakers sign on as co-sponsors of suicide prevention bill http://bit.ly/ZzNPGS
Bill passes to ban Swallow-like moonlighting http://bit.ly/ZAIjFn
Senate OKs bill to restore gun rights to formerly mentally ill http://bit.ly/ZAKvN5
With SB262, Utah Is At A Crossroad (Gay Pal Bill) http://bit.ly/ZAIzUO
lawmakers didn’t address any longterm air pollution solutions. http://bit.ly/ZAJG76
Air pollution, state Rep. Mike Noel, and me – http://bit.ly/131DJpW
Silly joint resolution about porn – http://bit.ly/131DZFb

Jeff’s Final Thoughts: WIMMER’s View of Gays in the BSA http://bit.ly/131BYcn

Jason is back with an all new Bat Sh@t Crazy about the Silly Ryan Budget and why you should just ignore it. Just, totally ignore it. Silly, useless, Ryan budget.

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