Jamie Winters from Bald Guy Design joins Sgt. Jake, Forrest, and JM Bell in the studio to fight about stuff!

Sarah Palin had something new to see this week, and a whole bunch of smarter women had a dance party to protest Sens. Mile Lee and Orrin Hatch! Mark Shurtleff covered his ass on Swallow, UT Senator Daniel Thatcher covered Swallow’s ass on the hill, and Jason Chaffetz continues the Reagan War on American Intelligence.

Secret Drone Bases aren’t really all that secret. We talk about the State of the Union, The state of Ted Nugent, Pelosi’s statements on Neugent, and Mark Rubio in super extreme slow motion. HA!

Oh, and, Jamie calls us all a stack of chicken shit sheeple in the tank for Obama. We set him straight and let him know that we are dedicated ONLY to keeping Joe Biden in public office.

All this and more!

#112 The LEFT Show

Holy Shit, It's The LEFT Show

Saint Michael
06/12/1996 – 02/17/2012

Closing Hymn – Rudie Can’t Fail – Clash