Couple of things on this antique show – one, I say “Corn-o-graphic,” JC Carter does a horrible David Tennant impression, Jake won’t talk into his microphone, but still stands up for corporate America. This is a funny little episode, and makes me nostalgic for the days when we thought asking for donations with some amount of optimism. Now, though, we know better and have the Annoy-a-Thon. Greedy Bastards.

This has one of the old fashioned intros that I used to spend WAY too much time on (again, I’m thinking about low donation levels. This was still WAY before Dabakis showed up and told everyone that AM Radio was the future of progressive politics. AM Radio – and all the “grown up progressives” jumped right on board that one) and a vintage Bat Sh@t Crazy from Jason Williams.

The Very, Very Best of TLS



Jake and JC join me in studio … with Forrest both producing AND bestowing upon us new microphones. So, now, if we sound terrible – it’s all own fault.I apologize in advance – I’m not as punchy this week. My little 6 year old is going in for surgery and my head is over there with that and not here making smart-assed remarks at full energy. Priorities, eh? The show is pretty fantastic, though – give it a listen!

We covered a lot of ground this week, including flat out begging for several things from several different people – it’s sad, but we want to get out in the world – meet folk, get along! Iowa … you slutty little darlin’ – Betty vs. Veronica – Health Care is for Commies, I think, and so much more – Join us for a spell, won’t you?

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