#124 – The LEFT Show – Plantains and Parasols


#124 The LEFT Show Almost 125

Better attitude this week, folks. Really.

Forrest and J.M. Bell are joined in the studio by popular area political candidate Celina Milner and popular area DJ Ray Mondo Peterson! Wow! Talk about a pair of “gets,” eh? What a delightful panel today.

Here, folks, are your links!

Kirk Cameron criticizes Stephen Hawking http://wapo.st/10SoD1g
Cleaning up the News on the #GOPwow
Honestly, You Guys, ‘Not Raping’ Is Actually Really Easy http://bit.ly/1136Sda
Morning Joe Host Blasts GOP For Putting ‘Rapists’ Rights Over Parents’ Rights’ In Gun Debate http://bit.ly/1137zTZ
Native Victim’s Assistance Program Director http://bit.ly/1136YSa
So, what DOES the bible say about marriage? http://bit.ly/1139p7i
Comedian Jonathan Winters dies at age 87 http://usat.ly/1138gwp
You’re All F’K’N Nuts … 
Everybody Should Get Regular Mental Health Checkups http://bit.ly/1137LTj
Pentagon Pushes For More Out-Of-Pocket Fees For Veterans http://bit.ly/1137TSP
Military and the Wars on Drugs http://nyti.ms/113840e
Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen http://bit.ly/11389B5
The Closing Hymn – Ryan Bingham, Mescalito

#79 – The LEFT Show – Happy Henry Sinclair Day

Happy Henry Sinclair Day! We at The LEFT Show celebrate NO genocidal maniacs, Spanish or otherwise. JC Carter, Forrest and JM Bell welcome special guest Robert Easton to the Defenestrate Media Studio, to comment on the news of the week, and give pithy, smarty pants quips to the room.

First on the agenda, JM Bell, gets all the famous attention with Mark Crockett and his law firm coming on the attack, because Mark Crockett is a silly, silly man who thinks not about the future and The Utah Democrats are charged with racism, but, it’s just a reporter being a total bonehead.

The GOP War on Women mascot, Rep. Todd Akin LOVES legislated misogyny, by the way.

ROMNEY WATCH 2012 – We break down our reaction to the first Presidential Debate, and report of the Romney Campaign admitting that Romney will lie, about everything, to win, and the GOP conspiracies on polling and unemployment.

Voter Suppression Much? The truth and the court’s reaction.

Plan some time on Thursday, Jason Williams has a Bat Sh@t Cray Extravaganza you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!

All this and more ….

#79 – The LEFT Show Podcast


#78 – The LEFT Show – Commando Style

Jake, Forrest and JM Bell take another look at the Mark Crockett for County Mayor’s race, and actually manage to spend some time talking about the REAL problem of Voter REGISTRATION Fraud, courtesy of the GOP. Jim Webb has a couple of things to say about Mitt Romney and the Military while Mia Love does a happy dance at the results of a VERY shallow poll, among GOP voters that shows her ahead of Jim Matheson. The mayor of Phoenix, Arizona lived for a week on a food stamp budget and found it icky.

The Repuglican’ts dive off the deep end and start slut-shaming The President’s MOTHER – because Repuglican’ts are sometimes the most awful people the planet let survive.

Jason Williams breaks down religion and the electorate in a new Bat Sh@t Crazy.

All this and more …

#78 The LEFT Show Podcast



#74 – The LEFT Show – Blow Me Down

Sgt. Jake, Forrest and J.M.Bell would like to wish you all a happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

The Republicans are having a terrible couple of weeks, so, naturally, we pile on and tease them about it. A judge in Wisconsin has told the Governor that his Union Busting law is unconstitutional, while Mitt Romney continues to take every imaginable position on Libya (thanks to Bob Aagard for the data). Speaking of Romney on Libya, anyone with half an ounce of tact thinks he’s a vulture, and not a good one at that.

The guys hold another meeting of the POTUS Obama Protective Association and blast through a few of the LIES told by Republicans about the Libyan protest and the murder of the Embassy staff and Ambassador. This one, most likely, will result in the first (of many I assume) of a joint Muslem/Fundamentalist Christian Fatwah against The LEFT Show! Any advice Salman Rushdie?

Jason Williams is back with an all new Bat Sh@t Crazy – This week, he’s about 47% more incredulous than normal … see what I did there?

All This and MORE!

#74 The LEFT Show Podcast


#72 – The LEFT Show – Keep Me Hanging On

JM Bell and Forrest are joined by Bob Henline, columnist for Q-Salt Lake to, finally, get this done!

First, we spend a few minutes with the handsome, talented, and insightful Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters to talk about the danger of Nickleback and how you can best protect your children and family from this, the most dangerous, Canadian menace.

Rep. Steve King (R-Shitwit) is back with another addition to his greatest hits album, namely immigrants; and the GOPpers are now pitching life imprisonment for victims of rape in this week’s The GOP War on Women.

Speaking of dangerous Canadians … it looks like the new conservative government up in Canadia isn’t waiting for Uncle Sam to lead the way, they’re going to war with Iran all by themselves, and The LEFT Show’s POTUS Protective Association has two different examples of why Obama is better than the other guy.

Jason took the week off with Jake and Jon, something about a Princess Cruise and friends of Toto. I think.

All this and SCARLET JOHANSSON make me want to be a better voter!

#72 – The LEFT Show PODCAST!


#65 – The LEFT Show – Tellin’ me no, no, no!

Friend of the show Brian Faulkner dropped in to the studio to join Jake, Forrest and Jeff in saying farewell to Labor Leader and Utah Democratic Party Chair Jim Judd.

We take apart the GOP Congress and the failure to address the simple fact that more than 50% of the counties in America – 50% of the counties in the USA – are now labeled disaster areas because of the drought. Oh, and, Speaker Boehner came around to the view that Climate Change is caused by man as he blamed the drought on President Obama. The drought.

Rumors are floating around that the Koch Brothers bought the Paul Ryan nomination for 100 million dollars to the GOP independent expenditure. Rumors. Soledad O’Brian WAFFLE STOMPS the boneheaded and unprepared. Wow. Oh, and, Rick Santorum thinks “ya’ll” is a racially charged word. Or something.

Former Presidents W. Bush and Clinton were in Utah this week, but Jason Williams was not, so no Bat Sh@t Crazy this week.

#65 The LEFT Show Podcast

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