Jeff Bell Endorses Senator Cory Booker

Jeff Bell needed to tell the world that Senator Cory Booker deserves the Senate Seat in the 2014 Election.



#44 – Bat Sh@t Crazy – Thanksgiving 2012

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I am thankful that I’ve somehow talked Jason Williams into doing another Thanksgiving episode! Haha! Silly Jason, always getting punished for never leaving the Canada of Utah. Heh.

Jason covers everything you need to know in this year’s Bat Sh@t Crazy episode, and, bit, are we glad we did!

Bat Sh@t Crazy – Thanksgiving 2012

* Only while we’re dating, though. Let’s be realistic here, ok?


#89 – The LEFT Show – Insert Title Here

Ha Ha! We tricked Weston Clark into the studio to chat with JM, Sgt. Jake, and Forrest about his days as the Salt Lake County Party Chair, an elitist level teacher (you know, smart kids), the host of his very own radio show, Weston Clark’s Progress Report, AND, he’s running for the Utah Senate.

We have our last Romney Watch 2012 (as a regular segment), Karl Rove has finally lost his mind, Mitt screws his campaign staff, Bush had better Mormon numbers, and Mittens made 15 million on the Auto Bailout.

Vaginal Americans won the election on Tuesday, and the Right Wing Media is killing the Right Wing Politicians.

Nate Silver is the new Chuck Norris, as it were.

The return of the The LEFT Show’s, GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week!

Jason Williams returns with the GOP’s crusade against Americans carrying concealed vaginas to the voting booth on a new Bat Sh@t Crazy! All this and more!

#89 The LEFT Show Podcast


#88 – The LEFT Show – Election Night LIVEish

Well, folks, here it is. The LEFT Show’s Election Night show. Yeah, about that …

It’s … well, a total mess. No kidding. It took this long just to make it listenable. That aside, however, it’s pretty funny, we have some special guests, kind of, A LOT of us getting stood up, and some drunken guests, and a lot of cheering voices and other things.

It’s worth a listen, as it’s the shortest episode in The LEFT Show’s history. Seriously.

Oh, and Jason forgot to do a Bat Sh@t Crazy … so … there’s that.


#88 The LEFT Show Election Night


#86 – The LEFT Show – Muahahaha!

Bill Frost joins JM Bell, Forrest Shaw and Sgt. Jake in studio for another spectacular episode.

The lovely and talented Tina Fey has a temper tantrum that we approve of, and we break down more of Jason Chaffetz’s  insane, deceptive, and misleading talk on Libya. And more Chaffetz and Issa silliness with dropping secrets on television in the Grand Old Tradition of the GOP. Oh, and some more Chaffetz duplicity on cutting the Embassy security budget, then whining about there not being enough security, then saying that there’s no correlation between the two. Idiot.

The whole GOP Navy SEALs meme thing is mostly utter bullsh*t, but that doesn’t stop the GOP talking about it, and there’s some fun Halloween stuff. I think. I can’t remember.


All this and more!

#86 The LEFT Show BOOO!


#85 – The LEFT Show – Down on Jumpstreet

Sgt. Jake, Forrest and JM Bell were honored to host columnist and raconteur Bill Frost to the studio to discuss the events of the day – and that kinda happens. Sort of.

Michelle Malkin throws down the glove at Ann Coulter, confusing the panel; and we drop a quick note about last week’s final Presidential debate. The Birthers are back with the most laughable, boneheaded pitch to date; Colin Powell’s former chief of staff would like you know that the GOP is full of racists.

Romney goes after same sex parents with all the bigotry he seems to harbor, and it turns out he’s kind of a dick to the parents of fallen service members, you know, when they don’t call him back.

Jason Williams is back with an all new Bat Sh@t Crazy about the GOP’s fear of Lady Parts and Republicans pretending they aren’t nominating and electing a whole slew of anti-science morons to offices with important titles.

All this and MORE!

#85 The LEFT Show Program

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