#59 – The LEFT Show – Big, Empty Room

Big, exciting episode of The LEFT Show for Monday. Aniello Alioto, National Political Director of Progress Now, Robert Gehrke, future Pulitzer Prize winner, and Eric from ABU from The Salt Lake Tribune join Jeff,  JC and Forrest from Alliance for a Better Utah’s ALEC EXPOSED … rented location.

#59 – The LEFT Show – Big, Empty Room


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#50 – The LEFT Show – Meaning No Harm

Holy Buckets, 50 shows … that’s two episodes less than a year of shows. First, thanks to everyone that listens, downloads and shares the show with others. Thank you. To you folks who have donated over the last year – thank you even more.

We spent a few minutes talking about yesterday’s primary, and let Ryan Combe know how much we appreciated his time, notice and incredible good looks. We have more on the Satan Worshiping ALEC, we call Rep. Issa a dipshit, and we count to 7. Or 5. I can’t remember.

Jason is back with a new Bat Sh@t Crazy – we’re talking about FISA!

All this and more …


#50 – The LEFT Show – Meaning No Harm

The LEFT Show - It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast


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The LEFT Show – City Weekly – Best of Utah 2012

Best of Utah 2012 … The LEFT Show? BITCHIHN’

 Best Lefty Podcast

The Left Show
The label “lefty” would probably be considered “moderate” in any other state besides R-rated (Raging Right-wing Red) Utah. The first time City Weekly recognized commentator J.M. Bell with a Best of Utah award in 2010, he was promptly canned from his weekend slot by KSL Newsradio—related? It’s open to speculation (but not really). In summer 2011, Bell came back louder and left-er with a new roundtable crew (including Jake Winegar, Forrest Shaw, J.C. Carter and Eric Ethington) and The Left Show, a weekly self-produced podcast that takes the piss out of conservative politics, local and national, with equal parts vitriol and comedy, making for an hour-plus “radio” show (complete with swear jar) somewhere between The Daily Showand Real Time With Bill Maher. Making fun of Utah Republicans is an easy job, but someone has to do it.


Issue #24 – Hold 322 – To Me, My Galactus!

Saga #1This week on Hold 322! Fantastic Four #604 wraps up its long long long running story line. If you thought Johnny coming back from the dead was something, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Huntress ends, but like Children’s Crusade, didn’t really need this final issue. The new Avengers Assemble feels like a comic written for kids, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Ray ends, I get the issue of Incredible Hulk I should have gotten 3 issues ago, and a very important conversation is had in the pages of Captain America. We come to the defense of newspaper comic strips, and Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples give us epic sci-fi fantasy, the likes of which we rarely see, in their new Saga comic. All this and Bob’s Question of the week!

Face front, true believers, It’s Hold 322!

CLICK –> Issue #24 – Hold 322 Podcast



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Work In Progress!

#6 – Work In Progress

Each Week John Kateel and Brian Faulkver sit for a question and answer session, leading the charge on effective progressive political messaging, short and long term liberal strategies and predicting the news of the tomorrow, today.

Sensible solutions and real world analysis all wrapped into one podcast package.


    • Is Mitt Romney the next Bob Dole?
    • The Middle East is changing – What’s Next?
    • The White House speaks up on Mary Jane … why so serious?

All this and more on this week’s Work In Progress

#6 – Work In Progress


#12 – Thorazine – The LEFT Show

This week on The LEFT Show we cover WAY too much stuff in the standard brilliant fashion (too much? Selling it too hard? Stay tuned).

Mitt Romney deserves to be mocked about everything EXCEPT his religion – except about his religion. It’s complicated, you know? How the Republicans are screwing up gas prices. How the Republicans are screwing up freedom of religion. How the Republicans are screwing up religion. How the Republicans are screwing up. Period.

The misnomer “Values Voter Summit” was this last weekend – and Wow, can those people screw up a definition.

Brand new Working Family Agenda with Brian Faulkner and a shiny, efficient, brutally poignant Bat Sh@t Crazy with Jason Williams.

All this and more on a brand new The LEFT Show!

Thorazine – The LEFT Show – Episode 12


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