“WTF?” You might be asking?

“Don’t those idiots know it’s WEDNESDAY?” You may be shouting.

Well, guess what? We’re trying something new for The LEFT Show: Starting this week, The LEFT Show drops twice a week! Monday’s and Wednesdays.

You asked for it, and we’re going to give it a shot. Instead of one 2 hour show, you get two 1 hour shows. All your favorite bits are still there, like the GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week and Jason Williams Bat Sh@t Crazy, plus, we’re launching two new segments: Garbage Day, a weekly editorial of indignation and outrage, and ALEC Watch, keeping an eye on just how sold out your state legislatures have become.

Listen in and be edified, ladies and gentlemen!

#42 – The LEFT Show

The LEFT Show - It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast


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