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#91 – The LEFT Show – NC-17

If you thought Episode 90 was a little different, wait’ll you get a load of #91.

Brenda is back in the studio with Jeff, Forrest, Jon, and Jake to discuss the news of the week. Doesn’t really happen.

GOP Governors are moving the nation toward a single payer health care system, just by being themselves (dicks), can Obamacare break through the lies of FOX News, and the Mormons posthumously baptized Adolf Hitler and Vlad the Impaler (nope, not kidding). We have the return of The LEFT Show’s GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week!

All this and Jason Williams is back with an all new Bat Sh@t Crazy!

#91 The LEFT Show Podcast


#90 – The LEFT Show – Rated R

So … yeah. Sometimes things get a little goofy in the studio. Sometimes they get super goofy. Then, there’s something like this. Monday’s The LEFT Show is an example of what happens, I think, when you mix beer with wine, and testosterone with estrogen … like vinegar and dynamite.

Brenda Bell joins JM, JC, Sgt. Jake and Forrest in the studio and things get funnier and funnier.

Not only did the voters of Utah stay at home this year, the Utah AFL-CIO finally gave into their Stockholm Syndrome and started endorsing Republicans. At least they have till January 2013 before that bites them in the ass. I think this means that, as Democratic Candidates, we don’t need to have the Union Bug on everything we do anymore, only the stuff we think might be nice to us, you know, if we’re lucky.

Obama didn’t get all gushy at God on a non-religious holiday, FOX News claims that poverty is a great diet plan, and the history of Green Bean Casserole. Oh, and, Calista Gingrich has a few things to say about how a family deals with infidelity.

All this and more, folks!

#90 The LEFT Show Podcast


#44 – Bat Sh@t Crazy – Thanksgiving 2012

Welcome Crooks and Liars visitors. Please feel free to look around, kick the tires, subscribe, whatever. Get to know us – we like to cuddle*!

I am thankful that I’ve somehow talked Jason Williams into doing another Thanksgiving episode! Haha! Silly Jason, always getting punished for never leaving the Canada of Utah. Heh.

Jason covers everything you need to know in this year’s Bat Sh@t Crazy episode, and, bit, are we glad we did!

Bat Sh@t Crazy – Thanksgiving 2012

* Only while we’re dating, though. Let’s be realistic here, ok?


#89 – The LEFT Show – Insert Title Here

Ha Ha! We tricked Weston Clark into the studio to chat with JM, Sgt. Jake, and Forrest about his days as the Salt Lake County Party Chair, an elitist level teacher (you know, smart kids), the host of his very own radio show, Weston Clark’s Progress Report, AND, he’s running for the Utah Senate.

We have our last Romney Watch 2012 (as a regular segment), Karl Rove has finally lost his mind, Mitt screws his campaign staff, Bush had better Mormon numbers, and Mittens made 15 million on the Auto Bailout.

Vaginal Americans won the election on Tuesday, and the Right Wing Media is killing the Right Wing Politicians.

Nate Silver is the new Chuck Norris, as it were.

The return of the The LEFT Show’s, GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week!

Jason Williams returns with the GOP’s crusade against Americans carrying concealed vaginas to the voting booth on a new Bat Sh@t Crazy! All this and more!

#89 The LEFT Show Podcast


#88 – The LEFT Show – Election Night LIVEish

Well, folks, here it is. The LEFT Show’s Election Night show. Yeah, about that …

It’s … well, a total mess. No kidding. It took this long just to make it listenable. That aside, however, it’s pretty funny, we have some special guests, kind of, A LOT of us getting stood up, and some drunken guests, and a lot of cheering voices and other things.

It’s worth a listen, as it’s the shortest episode in The LEFT Show’s history. Seriously.

Oh, and Jason forgot to do a Bat Sh@t Crazy … so … there’s that.


#88 The LEFT Show Election Night


#87 – The LEFT Show – Election Eve Spectacular!

Happy Election Eve, folks!

On this extra special election special The LEFT Show spectacular (was that enough, Forrest?) Jeff, Jake, Jon and Forrest are joined by Robert Easton to discuss all the little things you need to know (or gossip about) before you vote tomorrow – unless you’re one of the 350,000 Utahns that already voted.

 While polling shows that Obama will most likely get his second term, Utah Democrats prepare for the much mentions, often taunted “Dempocalypse” on Tuesday night. This would allow some greedy, money grubbing chucklehead, like Mike Noel for instance, to run for Speaker of the Utah House and remove all obstacles to his plans for statewide domination. Oh, and FEMA funds are available for flood victims in Washington County, but I’m sure that the Republicans down there will turn it down.

Millcreek: to city or not to city? That is the question. Those who want it can’t stop lying and cheating, those against it play by the rules. The gents weigh in as best they can.

The bigger question involves months of rumors about John Swallow, the FBI, Mark Shurtleff and some new stuff about Jeremy Johnson shopping a piece of incriminating audio – before he goes back to jail. With this much noise out there, why is there a press blackout on these?

All this and MORE!

#87 The LEFT Show Spectacular!

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