So … yeah. Sometimes things get a little goofy in the studio. Sometimes they get super goofy. Then, there’s something like this. Monday’s The LEFT Show is an example of what happens, I think, when you mix beer with wine, and testosterone with estrogen … like vinegar and dynamite.

Brenda Bell joins JM, JC, Sgt. Jake and Forrest in the studio and things get funnier and funnier.

Not only did the voters of Utah stay at home this year, the Utah AFL-CIO finally gave into their Stockholm Syndrome and started endorsing Republicans. At least they have till January 2013 before that bites them in the ass. I think this means that, as Democratic Candidates, we don’t need to have the Union Bug on everything we do anymore, only the stuff we think might be nice to us, you know, if we’re lucky.

Obama didn’t get all gushy at God on a non-religious holiday, FOX News claims that poverty is a great diet plan, and the history of Green Bean Casserole. Oh, and, Calista Gingrich has a few things to say about how a family deals with infidelity.

All this and more, folks!

#90 The LEFT Show Podcast