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Jeff Bell Endorses Senator Cory Booker

Jeff Bell needed to tell the world that Senator Cory Booker deserves the Senate Seat in the 2014 Election.



#107 – The LEFT Show – Something Witty Here

The LEFT Show makes the world go round!

#107 The LEFT Show POW Cast

Not at the top of my game here, folks. The show, as they say, must be sarcastically presented on a page that only 38% of out listeners visit. Herm.

Sgt. Jake and Special Guest Colin Smith were cuddled and huddled up to ward off the cold and chill of winter, while Forrest and J.M. were battling the forces of the right! We won it. Really! Mostly because Brenda came and bailed us out. Hey, did you know that “Right Wing” is now considered an insult by the Right-Wing? No shit.

J.J. Abrams is directing Star Wars. Jim Matheson hates fun in all of its forms. ObamaCare™®©☯ will cover Domestic Violence Screenings now. The GOP War on Women continues on AN ACTUAL WAR FRONT and in New Mexico and against Planned Parenthood. Democrats shit the bed on Filibuster Reform. The GOP is using a new and different dictionary where nothing means what it actually means. Oh, and, Americans are still dying from …. the Bubonic Plague.

The LEFT Show

#106 – The LEFT Show – Snow? OMG! Everyone Panic!


#106 The LEFT Show – SnOMG 2

Well, well, well … Turns out that both Sgt. Jake and Colin Smith are afraid of a little snow. I know that the snow wasn’t bad because Ben Winslow from Fox 13 did have a panic attack all over my Twitter feed. If he’s not freaking out, then neither am I. Boom!

So … yeah, it’s just me and Forrest and, you know what? Not too shabby! Really!

Welcome to the first day of the 2013 Utah Legislative Session! NOW is when you panic. Right. Now. 

Johnny Swallow is in deeper trouble with the Feds this time, and sending a letter asking government agencies NOT to destroy evidence is a thing now. A group of doctors ganged up on the Governor begging him to call an emergency due to poison air, he said it needed more study … because being the Governor means you automatically understand science stuff. Right?

Mike Lee is an asshole, and he has other assholes to do his evil bidding, and Hillary Clinton kicks some ass and takes some names.

OH! And, Sarah Palin lost her job at FOX NEWS! Seriously!

There's no night, like the Dark Knight

#105 – The LEFT Show – Percocet Rises

When Batman takes a holiday, he leaves The LEFT Show in Charge

#105 – The LEFT Show – Percocet Rises

Weeeee! Still with the percocet, still on the crazy train! All Aboard!

Have you gone over to The City Weekly and voted for The LEFT Show yet? Hmmm? ‘S’up?

We have another entry in the GOP War On Women (#GOPwow) Utah Style! The GOP is rated lower among Republican’ts than they ever have before. Ever. Utah prison dates the 1st Amendment, and Colbert is running for Congress! Republicans admit that they held the US House due to gerrymandering, and why not? They pulled it off, right?

The LEFT Show’s GOP Jesus, Wanker of the Week is back! With two special contestants. One who doesn’t quite get what evolution is, and the other thinks Muslim studies are the next step to further religious discrimination against those poor, persecuted Christians. Wahhh.

Jason is back with a new Bat Sh@t Crazy, this time knocking skulls on the debt ceiling and government shutdown!


Duh-na-na-na-na-na-naNAH-na-na-na-na-nana LEFT SHOW!

#104 – The LEFT Show – Percocet Begins

Weeeeee! I started the day with a nasty migraine, took half a percocet, and, for those that have listened to this show for awhile, you know that things get goofy when I get … under the influence. Weeeee!

First of all, have you gone over to The City Weekly to vote for The LEFT Show yet? Hmmm?

Remember, in OCTOBER, when The LEFT Show broke the latest chapter of the Skulduggerous Adventures of Johnny Swallow? We’ll be talking about that some more, among SO MANY other, interesting stuff!


And then there’s THIS! 


We talk about SPACE and SCIENCE – because we’re not Republicans! The President takes his forth oath of office today (think it through, it’ll come to you) and Utah is about to pressured by the Feds to “make changes” – but, no one’s really all that loud about it … yup, not guns.

Speaking of guns, crazy about guns, and morons with guns, we also have letters from morons about guns, and a little more gun stuff. Oh, then I lose my shit and start yelling at Sgt. Jake … for REASONS! Guns and slavery, too! The LEFT is dumb on guns, too!

We read the 23 Executive Orders that President Obama signed that don’t restrict your 2nd Amendment Rights, not one little bit, you reactionary, purposefully ignorant, knee jerk, chuckleheads. LISTEN AND LEARN!

Start your two day countdown to a brand new Bat Sh@t Crazy with Jason Williams, folks!

#104 – The LEFT Show – Percocet Begins

Happy ... um ... Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Holy Shit it's The LEFT Show

#103 – The LEFT Show – GOPwow

Another more casual The LEFT Show with Jeff, Jake, and Forrest today, but, with all the silliness you expect from a Wednesday program.

This episode we react to learning that we won’t be getting a USS Death Star, and, speaking of round things, Gov. Chris Christie is more popular with Dems than GOPpers. The Platinum Coin, and the totally dipshit reaction from Fox News. GOP hypocrisy on Storm Pork, service members and DADT, and the GOP lies about the budget.

Jason is back with a new Bat Sh@t Crazy about  the Hobby Lobby people who are still opposing birth control coverage.

All this and more!

#103 The LEFT Show Podcast

The LEFT Show #103

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