When Batman takes a holiday, he leaves The LEFT Show in Charge

#105 – The LEFT Show – Percocet Rises

Weeeee! Still with the percocet, still on the crazy train! All Aboard!

Have you gone over to The City Weekly and voted for The LEFT Show yet? Hmmm? ‘S’up?

We have another entry in the GOP War On Women (#GOPwow) Utah Style! The GOP is rated lower among Republican’ts than they ever have before. Ever. Utah prison dates the 1st Amendment, and Colbert is running for Congress! Republicans admit that they held the US House due to gerrymandering, and why not? They pulled it off, right?

The LEFT Show’s GOP Jesus, Wanker of the Week is back! With two special contestants. One who doesn’t quite get what evolution is, and the other thinks Muslim studies are the next step to further religious discrimination against those poor, persecuted Christians. Wahhh.

Jason is back with a new Bat Sh@t Crazy, this time knocking skulls on the debt ceiling and government shutdown!