The LEFT Show makes the world go round!

#107 The LEFT Show POW Cast

Not at the top of my game here, folks. The show, as they say, must be sarcastically presented on a page that only 38% of out listeners visit. Herm.

Sgt. Jake and Special Guest Colin Smith were cuddled and huddled up to ward off the cold and chill of winter, while Forrest and J.M. were battling the forces of the right! We won it. Really! Mostly because Brenda came and bailed us out. Hey, did you know that “Right Wing” is now considered an insult by the Right-Wing? No shit.

J.J. Abrams is directing Star Wars. Jim Matheson hates fun in all of its forms. ObamaCare™®©☯ will cover Domestic Violence Screenings now. The GOP War on Women continues on AN ACTUAL WAR FRONT and in New Mexico and against Planned Parenthood. Democrats shit the bed on Filibuster Reform. The GOP is using a new and different dictionary where nothing means what it actually means. Oh, and, Americans are still dying from …. the Bubonic Plague.