Jeff, Jake and Forrest get bit in the ass by the problems involved with pre-recording – sorry about that.

We get off to a quick start by revealing every single spoiler from Nolan’s Dark Knight Rising, and, being inspired by that sack of dickweed behavior, we moved on to talking about Mitt Romney – seemed a pretty natural transition. From what sounds like a VERY illegal Romney ISA, to his one page “jobs plan” promising 12 million jobs (6 million to India, 6 million to China, is my guess) – OH! Jenna Jameson, we talk about her, too – Oh, yeah, we do.

KSL News breaks the 10 year old story that middle aged kids are moving back home with their parents. Sigh. RIP Local TV News.

Jason has a new Bat Sh@t Crazy about the jobs report, how the stimulus still worked, how Orrin Hatch is lying about public sector employment and how Republicans are not good at math. Not good at all.

All this and more!

#61 – The LEFT Show


Romney’s Retirement, even more unlike yours
Romney’s Foreign Jobs Plan
Jenna Jameson and her Naked Adoration for Romney
KSL and The Blistering Old and Obvious “News”