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Wednesday’s episode starts off … colorful, and goes downhill from there.

First, Forrest gets a little sweary because Sgt. Jake, JC and J.M. Bell start talking about Thanos! We spend even more time attempting, and failing, to meaningfully talk about the 47%, and The GOP War on Women. The LEFT Show’s GOP Jesus, Wanker of the Week almost makes a comeback, but not quite, and the Wall Street Journal is a printed conflict of interest, ‘cept in secret.

Oh, and, Romney is a bonehead, again, some more.



#75 – The LEFT Show – 47, 47, 47 percent

Big Show! Jake, JC, Forrest and J.M. Bell are in the studio making mincemeat out of the important issues of the day!

The GOP is continuing the decades old call of “Veterans, Service Members, Old Folks and, well, everyone else, Keep Off The Grass” while in Texas, a Texan is acting like a Texan. Mitt Romney doubles down on his allergic reaction to the truth, and the GOP’s War on Women has a new champion. Eric Cantor and the gang pulled a Cut and Run in Washington D.C and Bill Mahor gives us a balanced description of “undecided voters. Oh, and, Mitt Romney does “Brown Face” for Univision … seriously!

All this and MORE!

#75 The LEFT Show Podcast


#74 – The LEFT Show – Blow Me Down

Sgt. Jake, Forrest and J.M.Bell would like to wish you all a happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

The Republicans are having a terrible couple of weeks, so, naturally, we pile on and tease them about it. A judge in Wisconsin has told the Governor that his Union Busting law is unconstitutional, while Mitt Romney continues to take every imaginable position on Libya (thanks to Bob Aagard for the data). Speaking of Romney on Libya, anyone with half an ounce of tact thinks he’s a vulture, and not a good one at that.

The guys hold another meeting of the POTUS Obama Protective Association and blast through a few of the LIES told by Republicans about the Libyan protest and the murder of the Embassy staff and Ambassador. This one, most likely, will result in the first (of many I assume) of a joint Muslem/Fundamentalist Christian Fatwah against The LEFT Show! Any advice Salman Rushdie?

Jason Williams is back with an all new Bat Sh@t Crazy – This week, he’s about 47% more incredulous than normal … see what I did there?

All This and MORE!

#74 The LEFT Show Podcast


#73 – The LEFT Show – Movie Sign!

It’s the POWER TRIO of Sgt. Jake, Forrest and J.M. Bell, bringing you all the best of international smooth jazz … or something BETTER!

First of all – Happy Birthday, Occupy! You don’t smell a day over 6 months! This week we introduce a brand new segment called: SCIENCE! It’s about the Oxford comma. The Right Wingers who built the video that lit the Middle East on fire (again) tried to pin it on the Jews … ’cause that’s apparently what it means to be a Republican these days. Orrin Hatch is really excited about welfare – kinda – and the GOP’s War On Women takes on a newer and uglier (yup) shade of terror.

Fmr. Governor (and sane Republican) Jon Huntsman spoke out on Mitt Romney’s disastrous handle on everything that isn’t an American Country Club and, going to the deep tracks, his energy policy will set the world on fire.

All this and more!

#73 – The LEFT Show Podcast


#72 – The LEFT Show – Keep Me Hanging On

JM Bell and Forrest are joined by Bob Henline, columnist for Q-Salt Lake to, finally, get this done!

First, we spend a few minutes with the handsome, talented, and insightful Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters to talk about the danger of Nickleback and how you can best protect your children and family from this, the most dangerous, Canadian menace.

Rep. Steve King (R-Shitwit) is back with another addition to his greatest hits album, namely immigrants; and the GOPpers are now pitching life imprisonment for victims of rape in this week’s The GOP War on Women.

Speaking of dangerous Canadians … it looks like the new conservative government up in Canadia isn’t waiting for Uncle Sam to lead the way, they’re going to war with Iran all by themselves, and The LEFT Show’s POTUS Protective Association has two different examples of why Obama is better than the other guy.

Jason took the week off with Jake and Jon, something about a Princess Cruise and friends of Toto. I think.

All this and SCARLET JOHANSSON make me want to be a better voter!

#72 – The LEFT Show PODCAST!


#71 – The LEFT Show – The 46 and Palindrome

This week on The LEFT Show, J.M. and Forrest are joined in the Defenestrate Media Studio by Bob Henline, columnist, activist, and cooker of smoked meats to discuss all the spiffy and non-spiffy events of the last week. First, a happy 46th Birthday to Star Trek! Elsewhere, it turns out that legalizing gay marriage won’t turn you into an insatiable “cock-monster” – I know it, ‘cause a football player told me. The GOP is still racist some more, and the Romney/Ryan team is still allergic to the truth. Our first meeting if the POTUS Protective Association is called to order.

All this and A LOT more …

#71 – The LEFT Show Podcast

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