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#34 – The LEFT Show – WINNERS!

Welcome to another episode of the AWARD WINNING The LEFT Show! Eric, JC, Forrest and Jeff break down … into an awful lot pf congratulatory back patting and well wishing. There is some discussion about Republicans and GOP stuff … but, this is a weirdly positive show – in the first half anyway!

We’re back on the front line of the GOP’s War on Women, we have a new This Week In Gay and two terrible candidates for this week’s The LEFT Show’s GOP Jesus Wanker of The Week!

Jason is back with an all new Bat Sh@t Crazy …

All this and more …

#34 The LEFT Show – WINNERS!

The LEFT Show - It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast


Rep. Gwen Moore, HERO – CLICK HERE
No violence against LGBTQ? Really? – CLICK HERE
Bipartisan Brown? – CLICK HERE
Nathan Fletcher leaves the GOP – CLICK HERE
Rand Paul, corporate whore – CLICK HERE
Mitt Romney, corporate whore – CLICK HERE
Justice Scalia, Taxpayer funded whore – CLICK HERE

The LEFT Show’s GOP JESUS Wanker of The Week

Candidate #1
Candidate #2

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#33 – The LEFT Show – Boils and Ghouls

The ever popular Curtis Haring joins Jake, Forrest and Jeff in the studio for a good old fashioned smack talk session.

We discover that GOP Fiscal Responsibility isn’t a real thing, especially when God pulls a funny and tells you to run for president – Oh, God, you comedian! We work our way through the sieve that is Pentagon Network Security and how more and more Americans think that politicians spend too much time talking about that Ol’ Time Religion.

Ann Coulter crawls out of the Crypt to chitty chat about how much fun it would be to make little kids cry, Sen. Scott Brown makes a funny about Santorum and the Supreme Court makes – imho – a good ruling.

We have two disgusting candidates for The LEFT Show’s GOP Jesus of the Week.

Jason is back with a new Bat Sh@t Crazy.

All this and more ….

#33 The LEFT Show Podcast





CANDIDATE #1 – GOP Jesus’ Radio Station Bigotry
CANDIDATE #2 – Rep. Chuck Wimmer has GOP Jesus’ Misogyny

Forrest Shaw's Garbage Day

Garbage Day 3/22/2K12

Oh, the political games!

It’s likely the President will give the go ahead today for the SOUTHERN leg on the Keystone pipeline to be extended to the gulf coast. He’ll announce it on a campaign stop, and it the process give the GOP part of what they want.. but will the GOP thank him? Will they be indifferent? NO! They’re already in attack mode, proving once again that President Obama can’t do anything they can agree with… not even the things they want

Here’s some truth: More refining in the gulf won’t bring down the price of gas. As of late last year the U.S. began exporting more oil than we import. The tar-sand oil being brought through Keystone is 4/5th’s contracted by foreign nations, the remaining 1/5th by US companies and is set for export. There is little in the way of jobs.

Yes, the GOP is selling America. When the President, for political reasons, gives them a helping hand they bite it. We’re being feed so many lies and unfortunately so many of you believe them. It’s time to wake up America! Corporations are using the GOP to extract wealth and keep us divided.

This Garbage Day average Americans are being taken to the curb. I ask you, are you trash?

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#32 The LEFT Show – The Missing Pieces

This week on The LEFT Show – JC, Forrest and JM Bell go once more unto the breach of the GOP Castle of Misogyny and Bigotry! Goldman Sachs? TAKE DOWN! GOPper Legislatures acting all inbred and short sighted? KA-POW! Pat Bagley and Gary Trudeau? TRUMPETS and TICKER TAPE! Santorum, Romney, Newt and Ronny? BA-BA-BA-BOOM!

Then … a vast right wing consipracy enters the picture and bad things – Very Bad Things happen … SURPRISE TWIST ENDING!

All this and more ..

#32 The LEFT Show – The Missing Pieces

The LEFT Show - It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast


The Goldman Sachs – CLICK HERE
Silly Republicans #1 – CLICK HERE
Silly Republicans #2 – CLICK HERE
Silly Republicans #3 – CLICK HERE
Stuff about Gasoline – CLICK HERE
The Most Important Link EVER – CLICK HERE

The Other Most Important Link – CLICK HERE

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#31 The LEFT Show – Sad To Say Goodbye

This week on the show, Jake, Forrest and I welcome Rep. Brian Doughty to the Defenestrate Media Studio.

We begin on a sad note, saying goodbye to good friend, big brother and mega-mentor Todd Taylor.

Shifting into gear, we break down the Utah GOP Legislature’s just concluded boneheaded general session and talk about some great bills that died due to forced ignorance and apathy and some bad bills that passed due to ignorance and apathy.

We delve, once again, into the GOP War On Women and discuss the probability of a brokered GOP Convention and Newt Gingrich’s trouble with obeying laws that he helped write.

New GOP Jesus of the Week and a fresh Bat Sh@t Crazy with Jason Williams…

All this and more …

#31 The LEFT Show – So Sad To Say Goodbye

The LEFT Show - It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast


Farewell, Todd Taylor – You were the best of us – CLICK HERE

Palin: Obama Seems To Want To Return To The “Days Before The Civil War” – CLICK HERE
The 10 Worst Bills of the Legislative Session – CLICK HERE
Ditch the Federal Lands Fight – CLICK HERE
Can Government-Subsidized Birth Control Really Save Taxpayer Money? – CLICK HERE
Georgia lawmaker compares women to cows and pigs – CLICK HERE
Surprise: Palin opens the door to late presidential entry – CLICK HERE
Gingrich asks Chicago judge to drop ‘Eye of the Tiger’ suit – CLICK HERE
Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Bill In Utah Passes Senate – CLICK HERE
Draper senator says plot is afoot to destroy Utah GOP – CLICK HERE

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#30 – The LEFT Show – OUT OF BEER?

First – just to be upfront and all – I totally stole the sounders for this week’s episode from Glove and Boots, my favorite thing ever on the internets. Go forth and enjoy them.

This week’s episode is a doosie! Former Stunt Husband and Bestest Friend of The LEFT Show Ray Mondo joins JC, Forrest and I in the Defenestrate Media Studio to break down and analyse the wacky news of the week.

Brightbart and Limbaugh; Archie Comics and Congressman Bender the Robot; Racist Bigot Sheriff and an all out dumbass attack on the Girl Scouts – This week’s The LEFT Show Jesus of the Week and Jason Williams takes on Democrat Stenny Hoyer for being a total moron.

All this and more on this week’s episode!

#30 The LEFT Show – OUT OF BEER?

The LEFT Show - It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast


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Candidate #1 – Mormons and the Holocaust
Candidate #2 – Girl Scouts of EVIL!
Candidate #3 – Jesus hates the Minimum Wage
Candidate #4 – Newt Gingrich wants more gay bullying in schools
Candidate #5 – Kirk Cameron is an asshat

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