This week on the LEFT Show! Newt Gingrich quit running for president! This decisive announcement was so colossal, so gigantic that we totally forgot about it and mentioned it not at all.

France has a shiny new government, of the ACTUAL socialist kind, as opposed the fake kind that so terrifies the GOP – the news of France’s election so thrilled our two honorary cheese eating surrender monkeys that they took over the show again to argue about festive cheeses and the proper way to weep when it’s windy. Or something like that – I tuned out.

Romney-Pa-looza – This Week in Gay – The GOP War on Women – The GOP War on Skin Pigment – Bat Sh@t Crazy and more on this week’s Sacre Bleu episode!

#39 – The LEFT Show – Betty Boom Boom

The LEFT Show - It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast


There’s a bunch of France Stuff – ask the other two.
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The War On Women – CLICK HERE
The War on Non-Whites – CLICK #1, CLICK #2, CLICK #3
This Week In Gay – CLICK HERE