JC Carter, Forrest Shaw join J.M. Bell in the Defenestrate Media Studio with special guest Robert A. Easton, from Around The Globe Theater Company and Hold 322 – all for our 80th Episode … funny, that geek girl show got a write up at 40 from the City Weekly

Well … we first clean up some show business left over from Monday’s show before moving on to Michelle Bachmann’s evil plot to destroy the 4th Estate. We move on to the GOP’s War on Women and you’ll never guess who makes the all-star appearance in this one. Rep Paul Brown has a few things – dipshit things – to say about science and Mitt Romney throws every right winger on television under the bus.

Pennsylvania Republicans are weeping all over their copies of David Duke’s autobiographies this week and Juan Williams freaks everyone out over at Fox News by saying something true. So … that Drill, Baby, Drill thing … how’s that working out for ya’ll?

Ready for Jason William’s HUGE Bat Sh@t Crazy tomorrow? Are you?

All this and more …

#80 The LEFT Show Podcast

This one is for Phoebe