Jake, JC, Forrest and J.M. Bell join forces for a Labor Day spectacular – of sorts. We set aside the misogyny of last week’s episode to focus on the after action report of the RNC Convention. First, FOX News may lead to murder, but, from time to time, something honest squeezes through. The GOP delegates don’t like Puerto Ricans OR Ron Paul but they do like to pretend that the build stuff, which, lets face it, they haven’t done in years. Built stuff, that is.

The Paul Ryan Parade of Lies gets a lot of notice and “Journalists” make up lots and lots of words and phrases to surrogate for the word “LIE” – and there was much yelling and bellowing from your humble host (a tantrum of epic proportions).

Then, at last, the room explodes into yelling as we try to wish the world a Happy Labor Day. BOOM! POW! SOCK-O! ZOWIE!

All this and more …

#69 The LEFT Show Podcast