Do you know the difference between a Squid, an octopus and a starfish? Well, listen to this week’s episode, and special guest Troy Hughes explains … well, you still won’t know. Another week passes and Jeff forgets to tell his tale of the day he met 4 Mitt Romney’s at the 2002 Olympics.

Michelle Bachmann cuts the last thread holding her to reality. The California Supreme Court opens the season against folks in the LGBT community again. Newt Gingrich is a dirty, dirty old man. Republicans are now the best liars on the InterWebTubes … total GOP domination. Rick Perry is an idiot, some more …

New Working Family Agenda and Bat Sh@t Crazy

All this and more!

#17 The LEFT Show – Under The Sea


Bachmann Has No Clue – CLICK HERE
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Newt is an asshole, again – CLICK HERE
Republican Liars POWN the Nets – CLICK HERE
Rick Perry is a total moron, totally – CLICK HERE