First, a couple pieces of business – we have a new phone number! (801) 382-7469 that’s (801) 382-SHOW. Give us a call, tell us what’s on your mind, eh? Also, we have a new The LEFT Show contest, and this one has nothing to do with how fat we are. We need a new theme song – and you can help us out – click here for details.

Sgt. Jake, Forrest and JM Bell continue the disjointed mess that they began on Monday – this time with a surprise visit from Jamie Winters from Bald Guy Design. The last 5 minutes of the show got chewed up by over stressed equipment, so, when it ends abruptly, THAT’S WHY.

In local news, the Utah GOP got caught lying about a beloved Democratic incumbent, because, you know, when you can’t win with honesty, doctor up a news graphic and lie, lie, lie. Romney has set one hell of an example, hasn’t he?

Speaking of Romney, his Virginia campaign office has offered up the idea that unwed parents be executed – no, really – and their unholy offspring sold to religious families. And in Wisconsin, the GOP and VP Candidate Paul Ryan jump on board the message train that “some girls rape easy” – WH hammered F?

More Romney fun, Navy SEAL mom to Mittens = “STFU”, Gingrich calls Romney a big fat liar (takes one to know one), the Romney campaign now claims he didn’t say anything about Big Bird (with bonus attempted Sith Mind Trick hand wave), and the Voter Fraud Hoax? It’s really just the GOP committing voter registration fraud all across the country.

Jason Williams is back with a very important Bat Sh@t Crazy all about the “Undecided Voter” and how, maybe, we ought to check if they’re competent to wander around without supervision.

All this and more!

#82 – The LEFT Show – Bright and Shiny