This week on The LEFT Show … Words are said! Out Loud! Into Microphones!

Jake, JC, Forrest and Jeff spend the show , lightly chatting the Space Program, Crazy Skirted GOP Candidates for Congress, trying to make Jake swear, chatting about ….. stuff, telling stories, and chatting. We still manage to cover Gingrich, Romney, Bachmann, West Dakota, Santorum, The Utah GOP, Rep. Rob Bishop, NASA and Nixon. Seriously … it’s an impressive feat.

Jason is back with a new Bat Sh@t Crazy and Brian is MIA on a new Working Family Agenda. Hope he’s ok.

#26 The LEFT Show – Blah, Blah, Blah

The LEFT Show - It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast

Show Links of Distinction
(What we were planning to talk about, anyway)

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Is Obama’s ‘Economic Populism’ for Real? – CLICK HERE
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