<—— That’s me with my “Angry Face”

 I know that my last post here was on the same issue, but now those assholes have upped the ante. Here’s a recap from last time:

“As Congress debates extending the Payroll Tax Cut our Government, once again, is facing a shutdown. Once again we’re being held hostage by Norquist’s GOP and their pledge to never raise taxes (although he ever so graciously let them off the hook for raising taxes on the middle class). So what do the Democrats do? They cave, again, and say they’ll back off their insistence for paying for program by adding a surtax on millionaires… meaning the middle class will suffer the brunt of a program that was designed to help them and boost the economy.”

As bad as that was, it was just the beginning….

Bohener informs the Senate that the House is willing to pass a two month extension of the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits (as long as it’s paid for.. and not by the wealthy) without realizing that he doesn’t have the support for this that he thought. So instead of using his position of Majority Leader to try to get support he spins the whole thing as the Senates fault. He goes so far as to align himself with President Obama insisting that two months isn’t good enough and anything less than a full year is akin to dereliction of duty. Don’t get me wrong here as I agree, the thing is it’s nothing but a lie. The Norquist bought and paid for House has no intention of extending the payroll tax cut or unemployment benefits at all.

The proof comes to us last night from the floor of the House as the speaker adjourns and walks away when Rep. Steny Hoyer attempts to force a vote. Are you falling for this bullshit? Do you see what’s happening?

Those of you who know me know that I call out the Democratic Party when they play games as well. The fact is that the Republican Party has become a cancer on our Nation. Everything they do is designed to break the middle class, keep Obama from getting re-elected, and give our wealth to the already wealthy.

Isn’t this why the tea party started in the first place?

Isn’t this the fire under the Occupy Wall Street Movement?

I urge Republicans to hold the leaders that they’ve voted into office accountable for their collusion with Wall Street’s banks, military contractors, and Grover Norquist to break the back of America. I urge Democrats to hold the one’s they’ve elected accountable for not playing hardball with this GOP that they know damn well has no intention of compromising on ANYTHING. I urge everyone to to make their voices heard, to be strong, and speak truth to power.

It’s Garbage Day and the House stinks. A change is coming… I can hear the roar.