Romney 2012

When Mitt Romney sees his RELIGION kicked in the teeth by the majority of the Republican Party, what does he do? Grabs his ankles and asks for more. Never afraid to change his mind based on the newest poll numbers, Mittens knows that Republicans think he’s a cult member – so he smiles and accepts it.

The “Values Voter Summit” was last weekend – “Values” being a subjective term for hate, bigotry and voting against the new black guy for the only other “White, Christian, Republican” option – Ron Paul (would have thought Huntsman had a better shot … I guess that pesky Mormon thing was a “Values Voter” deterrent).

Jason Williams of The Sidetrack breaks it all down in to a bite sized serving of rational explanation in this week’s Bat Sh@t Crazy –


#5 – Bat Sh@t Crazy