Republicans and their insane message bills are really out of control up on the Utah Hill this year. Tea Baggers and their non-nonsensical succession messaging have augmented the normal homophobic and racial memes of years past and have really cranked up the anti-American rhetoric. Utah Republicans hate America, despise the bulk of the US Constitution, are terrified by the Bill of Rights, think that the phrase “Liberty and Justice For All” should have conditions and, obviously, have begun an all out assault on the English language – and that’s just the tip of the bonehead iceberg.

shithead caucus

Sovereignty – apparently it’s a word you can only learn in the 12th grade (and, isn’t the correct phrase “state’s rights”?).

Senator Brent Goodfellow, however, has once again won my respect and admiration with this tidbit quoted in the Warchol War Room:

“All these bills are supposed to be ‘delivered to the president and Congress.’ How are we going to do that? Take them to the post office? That’s federal. Drive them to Washington? Federal highways. Fly them? Federal airport money. How about sending them over the Internet? Developed with federal money.

“We’re stuck.”