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#8 Tell Me A Story Thom Floyd – “Poo-Chucks”


The Mighty Thom Floyd answered the phone this week, and, much like the proverbial antithesis of beauty, once you scratch away the surface, what lies beneath the outer layer, can sometimes be deep and rich in detail. From co-host on The World’s Greatest Podcast, to fresh new liberal, Thom Floyd, teacher, mentor, lumberjack model, Canadian – show’s that there’s more than meets the eye.

#8 Tell Me A Story – Oh, Canada


Thom Links

The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast

Thom’s Personal Favorite Site


Ironman 3 Meet Ups and Free Comic Book Day May 4th 2013

Click Here for the Thursday Night IRONMAN 3 Meet-Up Details!

Click Here for the Friday Morning IRONMAN 3 Meet-Up Details!

And, then … SATURDAY!

Here’s some details in AUDIO Form! <– What’d he say?


*Look, ma! I can make ugly comic themed events posters, too!


The Dark Knight Rises

The Avengers opening notwithstanding … this is going to be an EPIC year for Superhero movies.

Fat Camp 2012

The LEFT Show FAT CAMP Review – Week One!


We’re a week into The LEFT Show’s FAT CAMP and the shenanigans have started.

First – The shys. Only three of the teams reported their total weight so far, which is making judging the competition a LITTLE HARD TO JUDGE, people.

Second – Sabotage! One of the teams committed a brave and totally legal act of sabotage against another team this weekend, as per the rules of FAT CAMP. Chunk Vengeance discovered the address of yours truly and delivered a bucket of fried chicken, cheeseburgers and tasty cupcakes – with Morgan dressed as a tempting tasty vixen, to boot.

And, under the rules, I had to eat the fat bomb (pictures below).

Well played, Morgan and Erin of Chunk Vengeance.


There’s more to come as the days pass – stay tuned!

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