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[FIXED] 175 The LEFT Show – Fred Phelps is Dead [FIXED]

[The problem with the audio file has been fixed. Please, to enjoy!]

One hundred and seventy five episodes, ladies and gentlemen! The only thing that would have made this better is if Melissa weren’t so concerned with being employed and eating and all that!

So, the 175th episode of The LEFT Show found us in a celebratory mood, and then, like Christmas, Fred Phelps died, and it was time to don our party hats! I really have no hesitation what so ever about crowing when a truly evil person dies – good riddance to bad trash! There is literally nothing I could do, in celebrating the death of Fred Phelps, that could possibly sink to his level.

This is the show, folks! All this, and another round of The LEFT Show presents, The LEFT Show’s GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week!

175 The LEFT Show – Dead, dead, dead!




AUTO PLAY – Fred Phelps, anti-gay Westboro Baptist founder, dies
Fred Phelps Was Reportedly Excommunicated
Westboro founder Fred Phelps’ son reveals the truth about his father’s excommunication
Westboro Baptist Church Responds To Fred Phelps’ Death: ‘Your Dashed Hopes’
Google Earth Finds Woman Trapped On Deserted Island For 7 Years
Astronomers Just Detected the Beginning of the Big Bang
Have physicists finally detected gravitational waves?
Physicist rejoices as he learns his Big Bang theory is correct
Scientists Sound Alarm on Climate
Lemming Suicide Is a Myth That Was Perpetuated by Disney
Syfy Plans Return To Traditional Science Fiction Drama
Creationist Group Demands Airtime on “Cosmos” for Sake of “Scientific Balance”
California GOP Candidate Is Registered Sex Offender
Mock The Goddies! This Week in God
How anti-gay Christians evangelize hate abroad
Was Jesus gay? Probably
Susanne Atanus, Who Blames Gay Rights For Tornadoes, Wins GOP Nomination For Congress
Hilarious Christian College Newspaper Op-Ed Calls Yoga “Demonic”
Hero Judge Tells Bigoted Louisiana Teacher To STFU And GTFO
Ralph Reed: Making divorce harder for women is a ‘better solution’ than food stamps
Federal Judge: Regnerus ‘Entirely Unbelievable And Not Worthy Of Serious Consideration’
Louie Gohmert Wins All Foreign Policy By Debunking Comedy Routine



174 The LEFT Show – They are HEROES!

Danielle Über Alles, from the Hello Sweetie Podcast, braves the unknown and steps down into the Defenestrate Media Studio with JM Bell, Forrest, JC Carter, and Ultimate Bob Easton for another in a continuing series of “How awkward can the boys be when a pretty girl is in the room?” The answer: Very, very awkward. There’s a lot of great stuff in this week’s show, including …. SCIENCE! Boobs! GOP Hagte! and, of course, The LEFT Show presents The LEFT Show’s GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week! Tune in folks!

174 The LEFT Show – CS&DB




Special Guest – Danielle Über Alles  <– No shit! That’s a get, kids!
Hal Douglas, Movie Trailer Voice Over Master, Dead at 89
Gem discovery points to vast oceans deep beneath Earth’s crust
Oklahoma Fox station removes evolution from ‘Cosmos’ by cutting only 15 seconds
Oklahoma TV Station Cuts Reference To Evolution In Neil deGrasse Tyson’s ‘Cosmos’
Science Channel Greenlights Craig Ferguson Series ‘I F-ing Love Science’
Shatner, Tennant, Le Guin, Gaiman and More to Bring You The Real History of Science Fiction
GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week!
CANDIDATE #1 KY churches withhold $7 million from children’s home to force anti-gay policies
CANDIDATE #2 Noah’s Ark Is Being Rebuilt $73 million
“Band of Brothers” WWII Vet Bill Guarnere Dies at 90
House GOP passes bill to force Obama to crack down on legal weed in states that allow it
Conservatives: The Minimum Wage Is Socialism
Virgin CEO Richard Branson explains why LGBTI diversity is good for business
5 Things Red State Liberals Want Blue State Liberals To Know
A Journalist’s Plea On 10th Anniversary Of ‘The Passion Of The Christ’:

173 The LEFT Show – Color Me Jesus

Don’t forget to VOTE for The LEFT Show! City Weekly’s Best of Utah either “Best Podcast” or a write in for “Best Political Podcast” - use ALL your email addresses!

Oh, Monday – you bastard – if it weren’t for The LEFT Show, you’d be totally unbearable. Totally. With The LEFT Show? At least an hour or so, at any rate, right? JM Bell, Robert Easton, and Forrest Shaw wind up and swing for the bleachers!

173 The LEFT Show – Colors!


The TLS Links!

HollyWeird News! 
Harold Ramis, Chicago actor, writer and director, dead at 69
DC hero John Constantine cast for upcoming show
This Week In Gay crossover 
Adam Baldwin & Nick Searcy’s Twitter Meltdown
Adam Baldwin Is A Shithead
This week in Gay 
State senator tells Anderson Cooper there’s no discrimination in Arizona
When ‘Religious Liberty’ Was Used To Justify Racism Instead Of Homophobia
Trail Life USA, Scouting Group Which Excludes Gay Boys, Growing In Popularity
Historical Context
Nadezhda Popova, WWII ‘Night Witch,’ Dies at 91
Inter-dimensional portal to hell opens in Norway—or something like that
Here It Is, The Most Insane News Story Of 2014
Bill Hicks Died 20 Years Ago Today
Bill Watterson Publishes His First Cartoon Since “Calvin and Hobbes” Ended
Bad Capitalism 
Bitcoin Kingpin Admits Everyone’s Money Is Gone
Netflix will pay Comcast to not throttle broadband.
Oops: Dick Cheney Unintentionally Trashes Troops In Attempt To Hit Obama
The 11 Most Destructive Nutrition Lies Ever Told

172 The LEFT Show – Pickles & Brine

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Monday takes a back seat to common sense as JM Bell, JC Carter, Ultimate Bob, and special guest Tom Cheevers from Kicking Ass on Netroots Radio gather together to nail down all the missing pieces. Listen in, won’t you?

172 The LEFT Show – NOM NOM NOM



This weekend is Ragnarok. But it isn’t the end of the world.
Walmart Profit Drops 21 Percent As Food Stamp Cuts, Payroll Tax Hike Pinch Shoppers
This Week in Civil Rights
Arizona Governor Fears Government Regulation Could Ruin Bigotry and Hatred
Arizona Introduces the New Gay Jim Crow
Indiana Senate Advances Marriage Inequality Amendment For 2016 Consideration
This Week In GOPpers
Republican Lawmaker Charged With Felony Assault After Throwing 4-Year-Old Daughter
Ex-Congressman Pleads Guilty In Zimbabwe
Florida Ordinance Makes It Illegal For Homeless To Use Blankets
Walker And His’Inner Circle’ Used Secret Email System
World Premiere of First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer
Credit unions offer voter registration at branches
This Week In Shithead 
Utah legislator: We should double the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere
Montana Prosecutor Allegedly Told Mother of 5-Year-Old Sexual-Assault Victim That “Boys Will Be Boys”
Congressman Who Voted 3 Times for Medicare Cuts – Blames Obama for Cuts to Medicare
This Week In Planet Murder 
Nebraska judge calls law that let governor approve Keystone XL pipeline route unconstitutional
Exxon CEO Comes Out Against Fracking Project Because It Will Affect His Property Values

#171 The LEFT Show – SNAFU

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JM Bell, Forrest, Melissa Merlot, and Ultimate Bob Easton are in the studio to get a righteous rage worked up about all the GOPper dipshittery from all across the country. It’s a collection of some of the worst behavior you can pack into a week. Listen in!

171 The LEFT Show – SNAFU



‘Firefly’ producer: A limited series reboot could be great
Dunn Trial Jury Deadlocks On Murder, Convicts On Attempted Murder
AZ Bill Would Make It A Crime To Use A Bathroom Without Proof Of Citizenship
Company Responsible For West Virginia Chemical Spill Skips Congressional Hearing
Kentucky Trooper Says Raping Girl Was Just A ‘Moral Mistake’ And Wants Job Back
Now Wingnuts Furious State Dinner Served Food
Tennessee GOP Will Move This Plant To Mexico Before They Let VW Let Its Workers Have A Union
U.S. senator drops bombshell during VW plant union vote
Colorado lawmaker shocks victim’s dad: ‘Good thing’ Aurora shooter had 100-round magazine
Wisconsin Speaker Claims ‘Nobody Cares’ That He Owes His Job To Rigged Maps
Poll: 26 percent in U.S. do not know Earth goes around sun
NASA reveals the mystery of the rock that suddenly materialized on Mars
How Would Earth Send Messages To A Starship — Or A Distant Civilization?
Russian gold medalists kiss on medal stand to protest anti-gay laws
Facebook Adds New Gender Options
Ellen Page Comes Out as Gay: “I’m Tired of Hiding”
Ellen Page Comes Out as Gay: ‘I Am Tired of Lying by Omission’
Since DOMA Decision, 5 Federal Courts Sided With Marriage Equality
Idaho Anti-Gay Bill Would Allow Doctors To Refuse Service To LGBT People On Religious Grounds
SB 2566 by *Bell ( HB 2467 by *Dunn) Tennessee
What The Hell Just Happened In Kansas?
Virginia’s gay marriage ban ruled unconstitutional: A perfect record for equality post
Fox’s Lou Dobbs gives Louie Gohmert epic 6-minute scolding for ‘absolute political theater’



#170 The LEFT Show – Funions and MGD

JC and Bob took the week off, so, we got Alex Cragun from UPC and SLUG stopped in at the last minute to fill in for BOTH OF THEM, all by himself-ish. JM Bell and Forrest finish out the room to talk about the Olympics, Ragnarok, governmental dipshittery, BIDEN 2016!, Scotland, Idaho, Russia, McGruff, Phillip Seymore Hoffman, Aaron Sorkin … and Oh, so much more.

A repeat of the interview with D’Arcy Benincosa and her project “Where All The Stories are Love Stories”

Listen in, me hardies! Arrrrg!

#170 The LEFT Show Dances




Ragnarok: One Month Left Before Viking Apocalypse Ends Life on Earth
Norse Rune code cracked
This Week In Governmental Dipshittery 
White House Punts on Retiring Aircraft Carrier
W. Virginians melting snow to give kids baths
CURE: Joe Biden: ‘No Obvious Reason’ Not To Run In 2016
This Week In Gay! 
Scotland Passes Marriage Equality
Hero Idaho Senators Change Own Rules So Gay Former Senator Lady Can Be Arrested For Protesting
Russians Kick Off Anti-Gay Olympics By Getting Super Gay (VIDEO)
This Week In Russia! 
Russia Says It Knows Journalists Are Overhyping Sochi Hotel Problems Because It’s Spying On Them
This Week in Weird
Crime Dog Actor Sentenced For Pot, Weapons
This week in Hollywood
Aaron Sorkin: Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death Saved 10 Lives
Philip Seymour Hoffman Killed By Scientology
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