An intimate evening with The LEFT Show today – Melissa called in hungover, and Forrest was trying astral projection on the third plane of Cthulhu’s rumpus room. Bill Frost, from City Weekly’s True TV, X96, Twitter, and the TV Tan Podcast joins JM Bell and Robert Easton in the studio to talk about the new from the week you thought you’d left behind.

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Enthusiastic, charismatic Utah politician Randy Horiuchi dies at age 61
Clarence Thomas argues states can establish official religion
88 Democrats Who Just Voted To Enable Racial Discrimination
Company That Upped Drug Price By 5,000% Reports $14.6 Million Loss
Cruz: Obama ‘does not wish to defend this country’
Democrats Who Voted To Shut The Door On Syrian Refugees
AUTO PLAY Where are the Syrian refugees now? Thousands already in US
All the Paris attackers identified so far are European nationals
The Top Five Attacks On America Committed By Christian Terrorists, Not Muslims
The Return of Korematsu
The US government turned down Anne Frank’s visa application
Obama Vows U.S. Will Help Refugees — Conservatives Go Insane
AUTO PLAYS Kentucky voters create ‘a big problem’ for themselves
Cheney’s Halliburton Suing The Cancer-Stricken Iraq War Vets They Poisoned
Tinfoil hats actually amplify mind-control beams
State Department recommends against all travel to North Korea
Malkovich and Rodriguez Have Made A Movie No One Will See For 100 Years
Colbert Drops to 3rd Place Behind Kimmel as New Poll Shows
Petition to Save Constantine Marches On, Despite New Questions
Gravity Falls is ending
Amazon launches Storywriter screenplay software to feed Prime productions
Val Kilmer says he will star opposite Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun 2’ directed by Francis Ford Coppola
Len Wiseman(IDIOT) may be cheating on his wife – Kate Beckinsale