The LEFT Show #132

Holy Buckets, we are BACK! JM, JC, and Forrest were joined by the lovely, talented, and funny Melissa Merlot – who may or may not have something to do with Conspurracy Theories. Check out her stuff at www.melissamerlot.com. There was a lot to talk about on our first show back from – where ever the hell we ended up. Except for Free Comic Book Day. We knew what happened there, I guess.

Regardless – here we are! And, guess what? It’s like every dirty joke we haven’t used in polite company over the last month sneaked into this show. Here’s the links, bitches!

Progressives To Boycott Facebook Ads In Opposition To Zuckerberg Group  http://bit.ly/189cJU8


Gates: Benghazi-Obsessed Republicans Have ‘Cartoonish’ View of Military Capability  http://bit.ly/189cOHk

Special Ops halted from responding to Benghazi attacks, U.S. diplomat says  http://wapo.st/189cOXY

Boehner Would Have Had Those Benghazi Emails If He Hadn’t Skipped the Briefing  http://bit.ly/189cRD5

CNN Blows Huge Hole In GOP Efforts To Prosecute Benghazi Scandal  http://onforb.es/189cQ20

CBS News: Republicans Lied About White House Benghazi E-mails  http://bit.ly/189cQiF 

Republican Says The Stupidest Thing Ever About Benghazi ‘Controversy’  http://bit.ly/189ddJX

Where’s the apology for Susan Rice?  http://on.msnbc.com/189dkVK

Fox News Host on Benghazi: ‘We’re Getting a Little Lopsided’ by Favoring Republicans  http://bit.ly/189dRHh

ObamaCare CheckIn

House GOP Votes To Repeal Obamacare — And Chop The GOP’s Own Budget  http://bit.ly/189cVCJ

#ObamaCareInThreeWords ‘It’s. The. Law.’  http://on.msnbc.com/189cZ5y

Interesting News

RNC Director Of Hispanic Outreach Quits Party And Registers As A Democrat  http://bit.ly/189dgFG

IRS To Holocaust America, Says Never Wrong Matt Drudge – http://bit.ly/189do80

RNC Spokeswoman Admits Harry Reid Was Right About Romney’s Taxes All Along, Whoops  http://bit.ly/189dCvY