#116 The LEFT Show Gordon Jump The Shark

Curtis Haring joins Robert Easton in the Defenestrate Media Studio with The LEFT Show’s JM Bell and Forrest Shaw! Wow!

So … according to the GOP, Dick Cheney is going to burn in Hell. The GOP! No shite! The GOP War on Women (#GOPwow) takes on a trident attack in New Hampshire, California and Wisconsin, and NOM does something … weird – that feels like a trap. Utah and Teen Pregnancy … better than you might think, no help to Gayle Ruzika. JM’s sweeping mandate to NOT talk about the Pope stuff results only 10 minutes of priest jokes.

Visiting Utah, during the Legislative session, is always a treat with Curtis in the House (see what I did there?). Jim Dabakis and other Democrats pull a fast one on the GOPpers and give them what they want – panic ensues. The Second Amendment has two different bills, yet no one brave or patriotic enough to put in a provision about swords. Valentine comes through as a rational legislature, kinda, and freaks everyone out, those asshole tow truck drivers take a punch in the nose, and 5 million bucks buys tax payers a really expensive shrug. Schools are crowded and Mayor Burr-Winder-Wash is about to let his City Manager screw the pooch! 

All this and more!