From those wonderful folks (especially the uber-handsome Bill Frost) at City Weekly comes, hands down, the second best thing they’ve ever written.

Bill Frost takes in the sun at Saltaire

‘Member when City Weekly gave J.M. Bell’s Saturday-afternoon KSL Radio show Left of the Dial a Best of Utah award a year or so ago? And then KSL canceled it about five minutes later? It’s back! But not quite the same.

The Left Show is a podcast, and it’s not all about Bell talking to himself: He’s joined by Lefties Jake Winegar, Forrest Shaw, J.C. Carter and Eric Ethington for a lively, conservative-smacking roundtable that’s funny, occasionally profane and sure as fuck unfit for KSL.

Listen and learn:

Episode 2 (Aug. 1, 2011)

Episode 1 Pt. 1 / Episode 1 Pt. 2 (July 25, 2011)

Beta Episode 3 (July 20, 2011)

Beta Episode 2 (July 11, 2011)

Beta Episode 1 (July 1, 2011)