This is the SECOND pre-launch episode of The LEFT Show – think of it – if you will – as a test flight of a Cold War era stealth plane. They can be very bad ass, but, alas, sometimes they fly a little weird. You get the picture.

A quick warning – there’s a few little swears in here – it is, after all, a bunch of callus, jaded and embittered grown-ups talking about the world we live in, so … If you feel like sending me a letter telling me that there’s curse words – I already know (a bunch of them are mine).

The LEFT Show – in Beta – #2

Eric told me he hated the music at the end of last week’s show …

So – I changed it for him. I am that good of a pal.

Links mentioned in the show are below the fold:

JC Carter’s production of The Tempest by Will-i-am Shakespeare  – CLICK HERE

Show Notes HERE