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I Believe: The Lie and Delusion of the LDS “Big Step”

The LDS Church’s “Big Step” yesterday was nothing more than a well crafted, sugar coated move to legalize bigotry and discrimination; you know, as long as you sprinkle enough Jesus on your hate. This is poison. This is bad, and the number of people jumping on the Kool-Aid train is not only startling, it’s mind mindbogglingly worse.

Beliefs are tricky. I believe that the LDS Church should pay taxes. I believe that my pals on the left that think something amazing happened yesterday, need to catch the shuttle out of Stepford, and settle into some serious rational, intellectual thinking; casting aside the feel good fiction they’re helping to manufacture.

From the Huffington Post:

The new Mormon position is like that candy with a razor blade inside that your mom warned you about on Halloween. While calling for LGBTQ people to be protected from those who hate them for non-religious reasons (and who are those people, anyway?), they have hidden their real agenda, which is to legalize such discrimination by anyone who claims their prejudice is backed by faith.

I believe that the Republican dumbing down of America was engineered for exactly this kind of thing – an ignorant population, blissfully cheering their own repression, ’cause the pretty talk sounds like nice words, even if they don’t know what the words mean anymore.

I believe that using the Oxford comma is what separates us from the animals.



I remember this one! Pasty Orifices! This one goes back a bit to the time that Brenda and Lisa visited the studio and hilarity ensued. This one also was the beginning of the carryover joke, but you’d have to go back for that one.


This is it, my little beauties! The last show before we, The LEFT Show family, go on “Vacation.” Vacation, sadly, in The LEFT Show world means lots and lots of work to do, getting current shows re-invigorated, a couple of new shows off the ground, and, if we can find just TWO folks to buy in at the CITIZENS RE-UNITED LEVEL, we can get the call in feature up and running. LIVE CALLS!

Lisa, Brenda, and Forrest join your faithful starship captain, J.M. Bell in another round of talking about the talk aboutable! This one is a Wednesday show that, honestly, redefines the definition of the Wednesday Show. Not kidding, either. Funny doesn’t cover it.

Jason is back with a new Bat Sh@t Crazy all about those pesky racists at CPAC.

This week’s linkage!



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Normal Shit … well …. 
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Hannity Is ‘So Upset That the Economy Is Rebounding’
Woman On Hannity Gets Hate-Tweet: ‘I Hope You Get Raped And Your Throat Slit’

152 The LEFT Show – Tape Deck Days

Using the not-quite-modern equivalent of a pair of antique tape decks, I have, a great cost of time and effort, managed to piece together a show that sounds almost, kinda like the real thing. Good lord it took for-freaking-ever to edit. Seriously. J.M. Bell, Forrest Shaw, JC Carter, and Melissa Merlot – featuring Ultimate Bob Easton – have gathered together to provide you all with a heapin’ helpin’ of our plain hostility!

Jason Williams has a brand new The Sidetrack for ya’ll!  BITCHIN’ CAMERO!

152 The LEFT Show-esque



‘Craigslist Killer’ committed suicide in front of a shrine to his Irish fiancée
Minimum wage for tipped workers has been kept at $2.13 for 21 years – YET
DNC video blasts Republicans as hostage-takers – FUN AUDIO INTRO!
Drunk GOPpers Shutdown the Government
Ted Cruz Is Now The Top Choice For GOP Primary Voters In 2016
Senator Bernie Sanders: ‘Do You Want to Know Why People Are Angry?’
Bill Nye is o9n Dancing with the Stars
Creationist: Nye wrong about moonlight because Beethoven said so
Vegan strip club stripper revealed her Twitter exchanges with the Newark Mayor
LOCAL – Success of Salt Lake Comic Con rekindles discussion regarding downtown hotel
ONE THE ONE HAND – Sweden runs out of garbage, forced to import from Norway
ON THE OTHER – Public Masturbation Declared Legal in Sweden After Landmark Trial



151 The LEFT Show – Bubblegum and Nazis

It seems weeks since I’ve written that we had a normal show, that I am now of the opinion that I need to set a new normal, and begin to gauge the normalcy of the show on that. So, 3 – 2 – 1 – BANG – New Normal set. Feel better? Me too.

So, this week’s show is, based on the new normal, totally insane and silly. You should have seen the words I was going to use BEFORE I reset the bar. JM Bell, Forrest Show, Ultimate Bob Easton, and AWARD WINNING Melisa Merlot are in the studio in all the inappropriate ways you’ve hopefully come to know and love.

AND! AND! Jason is back with an all new The Sidetrack! No shit? None. At. All.

151 The LEFT Show – Hubba Bubba



“Interplanetary war: ‘Star Trek’ writer vs ‘Star Trek’ fans”
Somebody At Esquire Is Getting Really Fired
McCain blasts Fox News
Benghazi Myth Annihilated On Fox And Friends
GOP Stuff
Watch a Doctor Destroy a Koch Brother-Funded Anti-Obamacare Ad in 2 Minutes
Ted Cruz wishes more in the Senate would say ‘crazy things’
HERO and a Half
Captain America in a turban
Russell Brand and the GQ awards: ‘It’s amazing how absurd it seems’

151a The LEFT Show – Salt Lake ComicCon

Oh, the Salt Lake ComicCon! What a BIG THING! JM Bell, JC Carter, Bob Easton, and Forrest Shaw! Alex and Lisa! You won’t believe what the hell Melisa did while we were doing this! Shocking!


150a The LEFT est Show!


Salt Lake Comic Con

Report on Comic Con


150 The LEFT Show – Ezekiel 23:19-20

Our fantastic One Hundred and Fiftieth Show! One Hundred Fifty! Wow! JM Bell, JC Carter, and Forrest Shaw pull out all the stops for this historic episode, ladies and gentlemen! All the stops indeed! First, Ultimate Bob had “stuff to do” and then Melissa had to go to work! Wheee Haaaaaw! JC fills in to keep things from bogging down into sleepy insensibility, and, we mourn for those who’ve wandered off or gone MIA.

Join us, wont you, as we solve the crisis in Syria?

150 The LEFT Show – Horse Emissions



Female Protestors Taking Off Their Tops Again
OOPS: Senator Who Advocates Arming Teachers Accidentally Shoots Teacher With Rubber Bullet
Mrs. Ted Nugent Arrested For Taking Gun Into Airport
White Supremacist Felon Caught With 18 Guns, 45,000 Bullets And A List Of Black & Jewish Leaders
In other news, Canada has two warships. Err, had two warships
U.S. Releases Syria Chemical Weapons Report
Obama asks Congress to include strikes on Syria in their next attempt to repeal Obamacare
A Guide To 30 Years Of U.S. Military Strikes Against Other Nations
Famed Sci-Fi author has a unique take on the thrill of starting new wars; We’re addicted to it
Boehner: Yeah, we’ll get around to Syria just as soon as our vacations are over
Justice Ginsburg Becomes First Supreme Court Justice To Officiate Same-Sex Wedding
Tim Scott Declined Invite to Attend MLK March as Spectator
Who Actually Works For Minimum Wage Will Shock You
I don’t understand this one
Zurich chief says board to look at ‘undue pressure’ on CFO due to suicide note
What If Sarah Palin Didn’t Run for Senate and Nobody Cared?
Cliteracy 101: Artist Sophia Wallace Wants You To Know The Truth About The Clitoris
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