We have asses in every seat this week, with Special Guest Dan Ellis from the Godless RebelUTion Podcast joining JM Bell, JC Carter, Forrest Shaw, and Robert Easton in the studio to cover the news of the week. From last week’s The End Of The World, school shootings, and Ben Carson’s total mental breakdown; to Jason Chaffetz being slightly more insane than usual. Oh, and, Jeff has a tantrum.

#257 The LEFT Show


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Christian Group Says The World Will Be ‘Annihilated’ LAST Wednesday
Rep. Justin Miller resigns after pleading guilty to communications fraud http://bit.ly/1K1TrQC
Crowds rally for ‘justice or else’ http://cnn.it/1K1TbRF
What REALLY Happened When The President Visited With UCC Victims’ Familieshttp://bit.ly/1K1TiN4
Bristol Palin pushes bogus claim that 10-year-olds are getting birth controlhttp://bit.ly/1K1Tmg1
13-year-old trans girl speaks out after being labeled a safety hazard http://bit.ly/1K1TxYJ
There Were 2 Different School Shootings Today In The United States http://bit.ly/1K1TUm0
149 School Shootings In America Since 2013 http://every.tw/1K1TWdw
Carson would skip meeting families of Oregon mass shooting http://bit.ly/1K1TQTm
Ben Carson: I got held up once at Popeye’s  http://bit.ly/1K1TMTD
Ben Carson: Loss of Gun Rights ‘More Devastating’ Than Bullet Wounds http://bit.ly/1K1VrZj
You Won’t Believe What Ben Carson Just Said About Jews, Guns And The Holocaust (VIDEO)http://bit.ly/1K1Vww6
Michigan woman with concealed carry permit opens fire at alleged Home Depot shopliftershttp://bit.ly/1K1U64O
AUTO PLAYS – GOP’s McCarthy dropping out of race for House speakerhttp://cnb.cx/1K1U7p9
Chaffetz prepares long-shot bid for House speaker http://bit.ly/HAHAHAhhaha
Republican Rep. Chaffetz Vows To Destroy U.S. Economy In Order to Win Speakershiphttp://bit.ly/1K1UjVC
Issa: Chaffetz stopped being a fighter http://bit.ly/1K1UlwC
John Boehner Reportedly Begging Paul Ryan to Run for Speaker. Should He?http://slate.me/1K1UVdV
Republican Whistleblower Confirms Benghazi Investigation Is Illegally Targeting Clinton
GOP Probe Into Planned Parenthood Funding Comes Up Empty http://huff.to/1K1UpfG
No evidence Planned Parenthood misused federal funding http://bit.ly/1K1ViFf
Democrats Want To Question Head Of Group Behind Planned Parenthood Videos, But GOP Says No http://bit.ly/1K1VjsJ
Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a Pending Disaster http://bit.ly/1K1UEaT
Bill O’Reilly’s Batsh*t Conspiracy Theory: Homeless Children Are A ‘Myth’ And A ‘Total Lie’http://bit.ly/1K1UAI3
‘Right To Work’ For Less Granny Exposed As A Right Wing Shill http://bit.ly/1K1UBvG
CBS plans a MacGyver reboot and it sounds pretty stupid http://bit.ly/1K1VeW2
Harry Potter Enhanced Editions Released In iBooks Store http://bit.ly/1K1Vmoh
Paramount Has Put More Than 100 Feature Films On YouTube For Free http://bit.ly/1K1VkNj
Scott Rudin To Produce “Justice League Dark” With Plans To Shoot In 2016  http://bit.ly/1K1Vnsk
Pepsi To Sell “Back To The Future II” Commemorative Bottles For $20 http://bit.ly/1K1VoN6
An Alarming Number Of People Think “The Martian” Is A True Story http://bzfd.it/1K1Vvs5
NASA: Obama Using Mars Water To Give Himself Satanic Power http://bit.ly/1K1VCE2
NASA Released over 10,000 Photos from the Apollo Moon Mission  http://bit.ly/1K1VyUP
Images of Pluto and Charon continue to captivate Nasa: ‘This world is alive’http://bit.ly/1K1VzYQ