Things have been a little off the last few weeks, but, I’m pretty sure we got our act together this week – like a stack of champs! Listen in as JM Bell, JC Carter, Ultimate Bob, and Forrest Shaw babble and pontificate on the pressing news of the week. Check the links below to see what you’ll receive in this week’s offering!

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Someone Invented A Vagina Toaster
Go Ahead And Share Your HBO Go Password Because HBO Doesn’t Care
AGENT CARTER Series Gets Showrunners
Court strikes down net neutrality rules
Anthony Badalamenti, Former Halliburton Manager, Gets Probation
Three Children Died During The Polar Vortex After Their Heat Was Cut Off
GOP JESUS Wanker of the Week
1 – GOP candidate claims autism and dementia are God’s punishment
2 – Linda Harvey: Gays Are Secretly Straight
3 – Huckabee: Dems think women can’t control their libido
House Republicans Are Pushing A Bill That Would Force The IRS To Audit Rape Victims
Teen victim laments plea deal for ex-coach who abused her
S.E. Cupp gets an income inequality lesson from Robert Reich
Guy Claiming to Be Conan O’Brien’s Illegitimate Son Comes Forward