127 The LEFT Show Podcast

Here I am getting the post together, sticking the links up because, unlike the Fox News guys, we don’t make shit up, when I remember that, in addition to THE Ernie Gamonal joining JM Bell, Forrest Shaw, and JC Carter in the studio, Jason Williams sent along a new Bat Sh@t Crazy and I forgot to stick it in the final export. Since none of you chuckleheads actually read these posts, I’m going to assume it’s all your fault. Okay? Cool. Hang on a minute while I get Jason’s thing in here – it’s all about the GOP pissy pantsing all over themselves last week. Chickenshits, am I right? So … hang on a few minutes while I go re-edit this thing for you folks … there you go! Enjoy!

All this and more!

New Zealand Lawmakers Pass Same-Sex Marriage Law  http://n.pr/17PiS8W
Tylenol could actually reduce your fear of death  http://bit.ly/17PiKWP
West Texas Plant Told The EPA It Had ‘No Risk’ For Explosion  http://bit.ly/17Pjbk2
Google & Google Fiber: Reconsider your decision to invest in anti-LGBT Provo, UT http://chn.ge/17PjxqI
Al Qaeda Urges Terrorists To Buy Guns In U.S.: It’s Easy; Gun Laws Are Weak http://bit.ly/17Piebs
‘Childish’ Gabby Giffords Must Stop Her ‘Emotional Bullying’ Say Right Wing Pundits http://bit.ly/17PiFCE
Scarborough On Gun Bill: GOP’s Headed ‘Toward Extinction’ http://bit.ly/17PiLKq
Gohmert: Radical Muslims ‘being trained to come in and act like Hispanics’ http://bit.ly/17PisiI
Oklahoma Lawmaker Uses the Term ‘Jew Me Down’ and Everybody Laughs, Because Oklahoma http://nym.ag/17PiZkH
And Then: Oklahoma lawmaker: ‘I apologize to the Jews’ for ‘Jew me down’ slur http://bit.ly/17Pj344
Bad Government
Three Years After Deepwater Horizon, Congress Has Failed To Improve Drilling Safety http://bit.ly/17PhXFr
CISPA passes U.S. House: Death of the Fourth Amendment?  http://zd.net/17Piveo  http://nym.ag/17PiZkH
Kansas Bans Communities From Making Contractors Pay Prevailing Wages On Public Projects  http://bit.ly/17Pjc7t
We are Kinda Fucked
Today’s money breakdown from the Penny Arcade Report: paying for journalism with panty shots http://bit.ly/17Pi43C