Jason Williams starts out this Very Best of The LEFT Show with an ALL NEW – really – ALL NEW Bat Sh@t Crazy! How about that folks? Then … then we hit the deep tracks.

From the back of the archives, comes one of the first times a lady visited the Defenestrate Media Studio – again, not because they’re not welcome, or not invited, they ARE, and often, this one was just silly enough to say yes, see? Anyway, Janneke House came on the show, live and in person, all the way from Boston, Mass. It was fun!


Very Best of The LEFT Show Two

JC, Forrest bring Politi-hotty Janneke House, all the way from Boston, by the studio to chat about the Gingrich v. Santorum race for third place in the Iowa primary, how American Exceptionalism proves its own non-existence; How the douchey GOP voter efforts in Virginia bit the GOP in the ass; and how Jon Stewart and The Daily Show have made FOX News their little prison date.

A New Bat Sh@t Crazy from Jason and fresh from the mimeograph, Brian’s new Working Family Agenda.

All this and more …

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