** UPDATE 2 – I got a “Cease and Desist” letter from Mark’s lawyers today asking me to redact the last 4 digits of Mark’s Social Security Number from the posted document below. Totally cool, not a problem. I did it within 5 minutes of getting the letter. Here’s the thing … is he sending a copy of the letter to the 3rd District Court? They’re the one’s who put the 4 numbers on the 100%, totally public document.

Mark spent money getting lawyers getting me to do something at A) I would have done if he’d asked, and B) is already on every public document that any citizen can freely obtain by asking for it with the court clerk. So … Mark basically proved my point about his being BAD with money by spending money on stuff he didn’t need to spend money on – namely, having lawyers make me redact something that anyone can get AT COURT – WHERE LAWYERS, you know, sometimes HANG OUT. 

* UPDATE – It turns out, I am told, that Barbara S Allen (listed in the documents below) is also the same lady who gave Crockett too much money for his mayor’s race. That seems just screwy enough that I’m starting to wonder if maybe this is a “something” as opposed to just a case of a candidate’s bragging getting out of control.

On my way to the doctor last week, I found myself listening to Salt Lake County Mayoral candidate Mark Crockett on the radio, suddenly fighting the impulse to bang my head repeatedly against the steering wheel. Last year, when we were getting all geared up to start this election cycle, right around the time that Burwash became a punchline, I was planning to make Mayor Winder a weekly segment on The LEFT Show. Then he lost the primary and took away all my fun.

Enter Mark Crockett. Wow. Considering how many people don’t like Mr. Crockett, it kind of puts his primary win into a sad perspective for Mike Winder. People who know Mr. Crockett say he has an uncontrollable temper, fits of avarice, and really likes to tell people how spiffy he is. Ok, in Utah, land of the Wimmer, that’s kind of typical. Whatever.

So, flash to last week, and Crockett is on the radio talking about how super-incredible he is with money. He prides himself on being some kind of wunderkind with accounts and balances. He’s Mr. Responsibility, right? I got to the doctors office, fired up the CELL PHONE, and took a quick peek at Mr. Crockett. What else are you going to do, right? At home, a little later, I took another quick pass at him and found goofiness.

So … I realize this isn’t quite a Burwash, but, how is it that this hasn’t been a thing yet? Took me ten minutes and I’m pretty sure I’ve got it nailed down. I don’t have the resources of, say, a reporter or a news-media station, but, I have to wonder why when a candidate makes the same claim over and over and over again, someone doesn’t fire up the Google machine and take a look at it? Maybe a reporter can take a look at it, and, with their professional eyes and more powerful search capacity, find out if I did this right or not. Maybe?

Also – this isn’t about his finances being messy, either. I certainly have no leg to stand on there – student loans, medical debt and Bernie Madoff have my financials in a terrible mess – the difference is: I’m not running around telling every media organisation that will stand still how perfect and flawless I am. I KNOW better.

Also, in fairness, I have to look at the McAdams campaign and wonder if they know. I assume they do, but decided to ignore it and stick with the positive narrative. I get that, but, look at what happened to Sim Gill his first time out running a 100% positive message campaign. It can’t ALL be sweetness and light, you know?